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Martha Plimpton’s Husband: Is River Phoenix Her Spouse? Know All About Martha Plimpton’s Married Life!

Martha Plimpton’s Husband: Is River Phoenix Her Spouse? Know All About Martha Plimpton’s Married Life!

A heartthrob when she was young, Martha Plimpton’s love life has always been the topic of the talk and so has the curiosity about who her husband is. An abortion rights campaigner, the face of iconic tomboy style, and an influential woman of today, Martha Plimpton is not just an actress famous for her movie The Goonies, but also an empowering figure. With fans being curious about her husband and children, Martha Plimpton is yet again on highlight. So, here’s everything you need to know about her spouse and her married life.

Shining on the golden screen with movies like Rollover, The Goonies, and Rising Hope, Martha Plimpton has made sure people remember her name. Appearing in various theatre plays, movies, and television series and also lending her voice in different video games, Martha is basking in the glory of her achievements.

Born in New York City, Martha Plimpton is the daughter of actors Keith Carradine and Shelley Plimpton. Plimpton started her modeling career in the early 1980s, landing a Calvin Klein advertisement while making an impression as a chic yet tomboyish young lady. She had a brief part in the 1981 picture Rollover, which served as her feature film debut.

More in her career starred alongside Tommy Lee Jones in the 1984 Deep South film The River Rat as his “hoydenish daughter.” Her role as Stef Steinbrenner in the 1985 movie The Goonies served as her breakout performance. Plimpton also had an appearance in the comedy Family Ties that year. As a result, Marth Plimpton was first given the part of a rebellious tomgirl and is still known for that image.

With a very riveting life, fans are very much interested in Martha Plimpton’s personal life, especially her husband. Infamous for her tangled love life, the people are digging deep into who Plimpton’s husband is. So, here’s everything we know about Martha Plimpton’s husband and her love life.

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Martha Plimpton’s Husband: Who Exactly Is Martha Plimpton’s Spouse? Is She Even Married?

One of the most charismatic actresses of her time, Martha Plimpton‘s love life has been notoriously talked about. Also an abortion rights campaigner, Martha Plimpton has been basking in the affection of her audience, and the fans now want to know who is basking in hers!

To everyone’s surprise, Martha Plimpton is actually unmarried. She doesn’t exactly have a husband but has a long-time lover equivalent to a husband. Many believe that River Phoenix is Martha’s husband, but in actuality, the pair never tied the knot.

River Phoenix is recognized as an actor and musician. Growing up in an itinerant family, Phoenix was deprived of formal education but always had an instinctive talent for the guitar. At the age of 10, he made his acting debut in television advertisements. In 1985, he appeared in the science fiction action movie Explorers, and in 1986, he played the lead in Stand by Me, a coming-of-age drama based on Stephen King‘s novella The Body. Running on Empty marked Phoenix’s crossover towards parts that were more geared toward adults.

Martha Plimpton and  River Phoenix met in 1985. While co-starring in Peter Weir‘s The Mosquito Coast in February 1986, they started dating after first getting along poorly. The pair later starred together in Sidney Lumet’s movie Running on Empty.

Due to Phoenix’s substance usage, their relationship came to an end in June 1989. Nevertheless, they kept their connection strong right up to his passing in 1993. In an interview, Plimpton revealed that after they broke up, a large part of it was because Martha realized that yelling, shouting, and pleading with River wouldn’t alter him. Plimpton’s recollection in the subsequent interview showed how he needed to change, but he wasn’t ready to do so yet, thus the relationship broke off.

Other than her relationship with River Phoenix, Plimpton was once engaged to Jon Patrick Walter. In March 1995, Plimpton committed to actor Jon Patrick Walker. According to Plimpton’s publicist, they intended to get married in April 1996. Walker and Plimpton made the announcement that their engagement had been broken up shortly after. Thus, Jon Patric Walter could never bag the title of Martha Plimpton’s husband.

Soon after, Martha was speculated to have been in a relationship with Fred Armisen, an actor, comedian, writer, producer, and musician. However, the rumor cooled down soon enough when the couple wasn’t seen around together.

Young Martha Plimpton was a heartbreaker with many lovers following her around. The actress never tied the holy knot of a wedding with anyone breaking the stereotype. As of today, Martha Plimpton’s relationship status remains private. Scouring through her Instagram (@marthaplimpton), Martha hasn’t really posted anything about her love life and seems to be enjoying her time on her own.

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