Miley Cyrus Realizes $2 Million Profit By Selling New Home

Jul 3, 2021 @ 19:33 GMT+0000
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Miley Cyrus Generates $2 Million Profit By Selling New Home

Miley Cyrus made a profit of $2 million by selling her new home in the Hidden Hills district of California after only a year.

Miley Cyrus made a massive profit from the sale of the house she bought a year ago! Pictures of the property provide a glimpse as to why it is surely an eye-catching domicile.

She paid $4.9 million for the house in the early summer of 2020. The property sold for $7.2 million merely a year later. She realized a $2.3 million profit!

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There are a few intriguing puzzles surrounding this sale. First, Variety claims that the purchaser’s identity is unknown and is being kept secret by a Missouri-based foundation.

However, due to the mansion’s location in the Hidden Hills district of California, which is linked to several celebrities such as the Kardashians, chances are this individual is recognizable.

Viewers of celeb real estate are undoubtedly curious as to who paid such a high amount for the residence.

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Second, Miley never really listed this house for sale. It’s not sure why the house sold, whether Miley’s plan was to always buy and resell, or if she received a fantastic offer.

Fans are also curious about this! In any case, congratulations to Miley on the sale!

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