Missing The Baker and the Beauty? Nathalie Kelley is Too!

Feb 4, 2021 @ 18:57 GMT+0000

The Baker and the Beauty was the best romantic show on TV in 2020. In a forgettable year, a group of Latino cast cheered people up with a story that was both simple and extremely endearing. But ABC axed the show after a single season and now fans, along with actress Nathalie Kelley, are missing the romance series.

As most TV shows stopped production due to the COVID pandemic hampering their filming, ABC trotted out freshman show The Baker and the Beauty to fill the gap. The show had been in gestation since November of 2018 with ABC greenlighting the project in May of 2019.

Based on the Israeli TV show of the same name, The Baker and the Beauty followed a celebrity, Noa Hamilton, as she comes across baker Daniel Garcia. She, a world-renowned entrepreneur and model, he, a baker working in his mom and dad’s shop, the romance was not supposed to work, but love finds a way.

Soon the Daniel is pulled into her orbit and they are not ready for what happens next. The American adaptation ran for nine-episode and ended on a satisfying note but fans were laying out hope for a season 2. But low viewership meant a cancelation and no one was happy about it. Now, almost a year removed from the premiere of the show, fans, and actress Nathalie Kelley still misses the series.

Noa Actress Nathalie Kelley Misses The Baker and the Beauty

nathalie-kelley-the-baker-and-the-beauty-2021Nathalie Kelley expressed her feelings regarding the ABC show The Baker and the Beauty.
Image Source: Nathalie Kelley Instagram

One of the endearing qualities of The Baker and the Beauty came from the cast of the show. Everyone was so perfectly cast and embodied the role they were assigned, the familiarity of the story did not even matter. The actors were so great to be around, half of the enjoyment of the show was achieved before each episode even started.

More so was the case of the lead actors, Nathalie Kelley and Victor Rasuk, who played Noa and Daniel respectively. Their chemistry was spot on, it was almost as if their acting career would not have been complete without those roles. It is a known fact, Noa and Daniel made the show a million times easier to watch.

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So, when the show was canceled it was heartbreaking, just when Noa and Daniel were getting back together again. There were so many adventures we all needed to experience with those characters but ABC thought otherwise, to the dismay of fans.

Everyone was angry at the cancelation. The show featured an all Latino cast in major roles. The Baker and the Beauty was something of an aberration in current TV culture. Still, the viewership was the lowest of all ABC shows. The marketing did not help, as people did not even realize the show was on until it was canceled.

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So, it is understandable that those who were there from the start and the ones who came later miss the show. And so does Nathalie Kelley who made her feelings known on Instagram. Recently most of the cast members have stopped talking about the show but Nathalie joined in with the pain of the fans.

On Instagram, she wrote, “Missing this. Anyone else feel the same.” Over a thousand comments wrote echoing similar sentiments. The actress was vocal when the show was canceled and asked the fans to keep hoping. But almost a year later, The Baker and the Beauty season 2 seems unlikely but it is nice to see the star of the show feeling the same way as thousands of fans do.

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