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Nicholas Gonzalez Cast in NBC’s La Brea – First Show After The Good Doctor!


Nicholas Gonzalez was a fan-favorite character in the hit ABC show The Good Doctor. He played Dr. Melendez in three seasons of the show before moving on from the hit medical drama. Now in 2021, the actor is cast as the co-lead in NBC’s La Brea, a sci-fi show which has been ordered straight to series by the network.

The recent round of casting done for the series rounds out the main group as the production team is set to move on with the filming process. With a direct to series order, the production will probably film 10 episodes and NBC can order further episodes depending on the reception it gets from the viewers.

Recently a limited-series Big Sky was turned into a fullfledged show as ABC ordered six more episodes in the first season of the hit show. A similar fate may be in store for the sci-fi series but science fiction fans tend to be a little picky when it comes to watching network programming. So, what is exactly La Brea about, and is it as interesting as it sounds?

La Brea on NBC – What is it About?

The name itself is Spanish and according to the literal translation it means ‘the tar’ or ‘the tar pits.’ In nature, a tar pit is just a hole in the ground from where petroleum or molten asphalt comes to the surface. And the writers of the show seem to be playing with the hole in the ground thing.

According to reports, the plot La Brea will follow a family of four as they are torn in half when a sinkhole appears out of nowhere in LA. Mother and son on one side and father and daughter on the other, the story takes a ragtag group of people who join together to get out of the primeval world they have been dropped into by the hole.

Tar, primeval, and sci-fi, all those things used together, we are getting a tingling feeling that weird monsters will be part of the show. And by the sound of it all, the show appears to carry a massive budget. As long as the world on the other side of the sinkhole does not resemble upside-down from Stranger Things, it will be fine.

As the show is set in two different worlds the cast is also a massive one with some recognizable TV faces coming together. Time will tell if the show lasts beyond the first season but the story seems interesting and unique so it all depends on the writing staff and execution, now.

Nicholas Gonzalez Plays Levi Brooks in NBC’s La Brea

The former star of The Good Doctor, Nicholas Gonzalez, will play air force pilot Levi Brooks. Levi is tasked with going down the hole and trying to figure out how the sinkhole appeared as well as where did all the people go. Levi may not know about the evil alternate world at first, but he will soon find out when going down the hole.

This is a return to TV for Nicholas Gonzalez who was beloved as Dr. Melendez in the ABC series The Good Doctor. He played a surgeon in the hit medical drama series for three seasons as a series regular. But to the shock of everyone, the character was killed off at the end of season 3.

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It was not a death that happened because Nicholas did not want to work on the series anymore. The fact is he was killed off because the writers wanted one of the main characters to die so they can impact multiple storylines in the series. Dr. Melendez did make a comeback in the season 4 premiere as a ghost though. So, things are still good between the creators of The Good Doctor and Nicholas.

But fans of the actor will get to see him in the new NBC show La Brea. Nicholas himself appeared excited about the news as he shared it with thousands of followers on Instagram. There is no release date yet but greenlighting a series order now means we will get to see the sci-fi series in the fall of 2021.

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Last modified: March 29, 2021