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No WandaVision Season 2 – Marvel Studios Boss Nate Moore Explains Why!


WandaVision was, without a doubt, one of the most unique projects from Marvel in recent memory. With amazing performances from Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, the show was filled with twists and turns. That is why it is surprising to hear WandaVision season 2 will probably never come to fruition according to Marvel Studios boss Nate Moore.

In the Disney+ series, the writers of the show created a world within a world for Scarlet Witch as she lost her sanity into the decades worth of sitcom inspired town. The unique place created for Wanda and Vision showed some innovation and bold storytelling which can only be done in a long format TV show. That bold storytelling also seems to be the downfall of the possible season 2.

There is no doubt that the type of story that took place in WandaVision would not have been possible in a feature length movie. The long format allowed the writers more time to tell a better story and it led to a somewhat one-off type of show, a mini-series if you will. And the unique setting of the show is now a bane for WandaVision season 2.

Marvel Studios Head Says WandaVision Season 2 Unlikely

Watching the show, it is clear that the setting used in the film is not repeatable for another season. We all witnessed the response of fan when the mind control mumbo-jumbo was used again in Age of Ultron. So, another season of WandaVision inspired by more sitcom will just be irritating. And that established identity, or look, is being cited as the reason for no more Wanda and Vision.

Marvel Studios head, Nate Moore, was talking with IndieWire when the question of WandaVision came up and the executive said the story feels more like a one time thing. Then proceeded to pour lukewarm water over a possible season 2.

Moore said, “She can’t go back into that reality. That is such a complete arc of what that character can do and what that story wanted to do.” He is speaking the truth there, Wanda’s that particular arc appears to be over but she is again back to square one. The Endgame Wanda was grieving with loss, nothing is changed after WandaVision finale, she is just more powerful.

But there are still questions for the show, the white Vision and what happened to the real Vision. Wanda‘s story will be folded into Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness but Vision‘s fate appears to be stuck in a limbo. Moore went further in comparing WandaVision to another hit Disney+ series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and why one can be scaled up and other cannot.

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“Falcon and Winter Soldier is really about dealing with, to me, the legacy of what a superhero is, through the lens of Captain America and his shield, but ultimately through the lens of all these different characters. And that’s a story I think you can revisit in subsequent seasons because it’s an evergreen story. It’s a conversation,” he explained.

The Flacon and the Winter Soldier seems destined for another season. But the same is not true for WandaVision season 2. Maybe that is best for the particularly unique show, in years people will revisit the show and it will look/feel so different than everything Marvel has ever done. It can serve as a palate cleanser, in the same way Ant-Man and the Wasp was after Infinity War.

With longer format TV shows, there is always an opportunity to do something out of the box. WandaVision can be that carrier of mantel of uniqueness for the MCU, the producers and writers just have to dig a little deeper. But even if they do, WandaVision season 2 will be more impactful further down the road and not in 2022 or 2023.

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