Omari Hardwick Explains Army of the Dead Cliffhanger Ending!

May 25, 2021 @ 17:07 GMT+0000

Army of the Dead was one of the most anticipated movies of 2021, even more so after the reception of Snyder Cut, two months earlier. Originally at Warner Bros., Zack Snyder moved the project to Netflix after disagreements over the direction. Well, no matter all the behind-the-scenes drama, we finally got to see the film, and similar to its decade old predecessor, the film ended on a cliffhanger, and now Omari Hardwick is trying to explain it.

Netflix’s Army of the Dead was a return to the zombie movie sandbox for Zack Snyder who started his directorial career with Dawn of the Dead in 2004. The film was a remake for the beloved zombie classic of the 70s, directed by George A. Romero. Now in full control of his own franchise, the former Warner Bros. director is planting seeds for the future with a cliffhanger ending of his most recent film.

With a star-studded cast that included Dave Bautista and Omari Hardwick, Army of the Dead turned into a massive success for Netflix. With a planned franchise already in progress, the cliffhanger ending of the first movie will most likely have some knockdown effect down the line. To explain some things, the Vanderohe actor sat down with Collider and dished on Army of the Dead.

Army of the Dead Cliffhanger Ending – Omari Hardwick Gives His Perspective

In Army of the Dead, we are transported to a world where zombie existence is a common knowledge. After one alpha gets out of containment near Las Vegas, the whole city is transformed into a zombie ghost land. The movie continues a few years later as a group of former zombie killers are tasked with getting loads of cash out of a casino vault in Vegas before the town is pulverized by a nuclear blast.

Well, spoiler alert for those who are yet to see the film, everyone of the team members who enter the city, die. Except for Scott’s daughter, played by Ella Purnell, no one made it out of the sin city alive. That was until during the closing minutes of the movie Omari Hardwick’s character crawled out of the vault bags full of cash, in a “saved by the fridge” type of moment.

The nuclear missile aimed at Las Vegas was, as explained, was low yield payload which can explain Vanderohe making out of the city alive. But that was not even the shocking part of the movie as the saw wielding badass made his way to a tarmac and purchased a private flight out of town. Then he proceeded to suffer from dizziness, which as it turned out, was a side effect of getting bit in the arm by a zombie.

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So, Vanderohe’s plane is headed to Mexico City and he may turn into a zombie any second. So, as he stood in the plane bathroom with that realization, there was a smile on his face. Army of the Dead ended with Omari Hardwick’s character cursing and laughing at his luck. The cliffhanger and his reaction was something the actor detailed further during the interview.

"He's looking at the end at himself like, 'Wow, okay, so any of the philosophies that I threw out, do they now work? Do they save me or are they just that? I think we leave my face in the form of a question mark, and I think that's where I tried to play it, this space of being interrogative and not a period. I didn't want to be declarative, I wanted to be a question mark at the end. If my face could be compared to anything of exclamation, it was that of a question mark," the actor explained.

The whole ending is a massive question mark, Mexico City is a populated city and if an infected Vanderohe goes on a rampage the whole Vegas nuke thing will be need to be repeated. So, the ambiguity offered at the end is welcome and sure to drive conversation long after the heat on the movie dies down. It was also a neat way to setup a sequel or populate a future world, so kudos to Omari, Zack and Netflix.

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