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Peter Capaldi Draws Parallels Between Doctor Who’s Extraterrestrial Adventures to The Suicide Squad

Peter Capaldi Draws Parallel Between Doctor Who's Extraterrestrial Adventures to The Suicide Squad

Peter Capaldi compares alien adventures in the British science fiction series Doctor Who and DCEU’s standalone sequel The Suicide Squad.

Peter Capaldi, the Doctor Who star, is no novice to alien beasts. He’s witnessed it all after spending three seasons as the titular Doctor.

So, it was barely a leap of imaginative ideas when he was featured in The Suicide Squad trailer with what seemed to be screwdriver grips poking out of his skull.

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Of fact, the two projects were diametrically opposed. The actor told Digital Spy:

[The Suicide Squad] was totally different [to Doctor Who] because it was so much bigger. I mean that everything about it was bigger. And also, you know, we had this incredible cast.

He added,

I’d turn around and see, you know, Margot, and Idris and John, and David Dastmalchian, you know, they were just a sensational group of people to be around.

But there was one factor that made the biggest difference: money.

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Peter Capaldi continued,

With Doctor Who, we don’t really have enough – everything on Doctor Who falls to pieces, all of the props fall to pieces and the costumes have to be stuck together with duct tape and velcro and stuff. With this, everybody looked as good in real life as they look in the movies. They weren’t all just held together with safety pins.

Obviously, much of Doctor Who‘s charm stems from its less-than-slick production value (which, unquestionably, has enhanced massively over the years).

The Suicide Squad beasts are indeed terrifying — in fact, everybody is! But that’s what transpires when you put together a group of outlaws to save the world.

The Suicide Squad releases on 6th August 2021.

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Last modified: July 28, 2021