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Priscilla Presley’s Plastic Surgery: Elvis Presley’s Wife Was Labeled a ‘Plastic Surgery’ Addict Following a Botched Filler Procedure by Surgeon Dr. Daniel Serrano; How Does She Look Comparatively Young Now? Her Beauty Secrets Revealed!

Priscilla Presley’s Plastic Surgery: Elvis Presley’s Wife Was Labeled a ‘Plastic Surgery’ Addict Following a Botched Filler Procedure by Surgeon Dr. Daniel Serrano; How Does She Look Comparatively Young Now? Her Beauty Secrets Revealed!

An icon in her young days, Priscilla Presley, former wife of Elvis Presley, has time and has often been harshly scrutinized for her plastic surgery. With a botched filler and many more false accusations that came along with it, many have claimed Priscilla of having Botox, Fillers, Facelift as well as Rhinoplasty. 77 and still just as young in her 40s, the speculations of her cosmetic procedures got more fueled up. So, here’s everything about Priscilla Presley’s plastic surgery, beauty secrets, and how she looks now.

Priscilla Presley, formerly Priscilla Anne Wagner, was married to American artist Elvis Presley from 1967 to 1973. Priscilla gained notoriety as an actress after appearing in The Naked Gun movie series and Dallas’s television show from 1983 until 1988. Presley appeared on the reality competition TV program Dancing with the Stars in 2008.

Not just a celebrity wife and a businesswoman, Priscilla Presley has a big heart. In Albion, Michigan, Presley contributed to the inauguration of the Narconon Stonehawk Rehabilitation Center. L. Ron Hubbard, the creator of Scientology, devised the foundations for Narconon, which is ‘capable of reducing the very urges that drive addicts in recovery back to narcotics,’ according to Presley in a statement.

In October 2017, she vehemently refuted media reports that Presley had quit the church. According to later reports, she reportedly detached herself from the church, but she kept her faith.

Stardom had a price for Priscilla Presley. Fans of Presley are aware that there have been numerous unsubstantiated allegations about her plastic surgery. She also endured abuse from a notorious fake cosmetic surgeon. With so much rumor going around, it’s difficult to distinguish between fact and myth. So, here’s a little investigation on Priscilla Presley’s plastic surgery.

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Priscilla Presley’s Plastic Surgery: The Botched Filler by Surgeon Dr. Daniel Serrano Labeled Elvis Presley’s Wife as a ‘Plastic Surgery’ Addict; Botox, Facelift, Nose Job, and Many More!

Priscilla Presley (@priscillapresley) has been the victim of botched plastic surgery as well as multiple rumors. With botched silicone injection, Elvis Presley‘s wife has been rumored to have Fillers, Botox, Facelift, Rhinoplasty as well a Boob Job.

In 2003, Priscilla Presley suffered the consequences of mishandled injections. Presley fell for an injectable con in 2003 which has been verified by multiple sources. Hollywood A-listers were drawn to the dashing Argentinian surgeon, Dr. Daniel Serrano when he advertised injections that were superior to Botox. One of the celebs who fell into the trap was Priscilla Presley.

The doctor actually used low-grade industrial silicone to inject into the faces of some men and women. The dishonest Serrano acquired the moniker ‘Dr. Jiffy Lube’ because this silicone was comparable to the type used to lubricate automobile parts in Argentina.

The non-FDA-approved injections, which cost between $300 and $500 apiece, left their victims with paralysis, tumors, and even skin holes. Serrano was found guilty of drug smuggling, conspiracy, and using illegal drugs despite not having a license to practice medicine in the United States. This left Priscilla Presley’s face botched which was once the highlight.

Unfortunately, a lot of dubious sources have used Priscilla Presley’s story to spread myths about plastic surgery. In December 2016, The National Enquirer reported without providing any evidence that Presley had a health crisis as a result of the erroneous injections. The publication made fun of Presley’s appearance, alleging she now looks downright skeleton, with sunken cheeks, grotesquely puckered lips, and scarring on the corners of her mouth.

Numerous news outlets reported in 2018 the opinions of plastic surgeons—none of whom actually treated Presley—claiming that she had Botox, fillers, and perhaps even a rhinoplasty to keep her face looking young. Comparing Priscilla Presley’s before and after pictures, many fans also believed that Presley has had Rhinoplasty and facelift to remain ageless.

In 2019, an unknown source claimed that Presley was a ‘slave to surgery’ and that a skin cancer procedure had intensified her obsession with plastic surgery. This source claims that Presley had her nose’s bridge’s malignant tissue removed. She allegedly sought out plastic surgery because she was bent on hiding the scars left behind by that procedure.

The National Enquirer speculated in May 2022 that Priscilla Presley had previously undergone many facelifts, laser procedures, as well as lip and cheek fillers. It further brutally claimed that Serrano’s poor injections had permanently tarnished her appearance. The Enquirer cited medical professionals who had not treated Presley in order to bolster their claims.

Priscilla Presley has not disclosed any plastic surgery operations outside the failed fillers. Time and often many sources which cited her plastic surgery rumors as being true are unreliable. Alternatively, many use anonymous sources whose veracity cannot be verified or rely on the judgments of cosmetic surgeons who have never treated Presley. Thus, the truth cannot be uncovered without any evidence to support these accusations.

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