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Ragnarok Season 2 – Magne and His Brother Have New Friends and Enemies


One of the biggest surprise hits of early part of 2020 was the Norwegian show Ragnarok. A modern look on the Norse mythology, slowly the short series pealed back layers of a town with deep secrets. And to the excitement of Western fans, Thor, not explicitly, was introduced in the show. Ragnarok 2 is continuing on that trend and bringing more characters to spice up the Netflix show.

The first season of Ragnarok followed Magne, a teenager, moving to a slow and small town with his mother and brother. With some mental and physical issues of past behind him, Magne tries to build a life in the town but soon finds out that old giants posing as humans have taken over the town and are slowly killing it.

Ragnarok season 1 showed a shy and self-conscious Magne coming to grips with his new found powers while also trying to convince the town that the most prominent family in the community is slowly killing them. By the end of the six episodes, we saw resolution to the main storyline but due to the success of the first season we are getting Ragnarok season 2, and it looks bigger and more fun than the last season.

Ragnarok Season 2 – Expanding the Universe

After over a year of excitement and wait Ragnarok season 2 is coming to Netflix. Magne is still in the town and we are sure to get some information regarding the events of season 1 finale. And with the new season the writers are also expanding the world of Magne with new friends and enemies. There is also a larger stake, moving away from saving one town to possibly saving the world.

In the first season, it was a little confusing to see Magne and his brother work together in harmony. Thor and Loki, according to Norse mythology, tolerate each other when they are kids but are not the best of friends as they grow up. We are going to possibly see the divide start to happen between the brothers in Ragnarok season 2.

The first look trailer also points at something brewing between the brothers and it appears Ragnarok season 2 will dive into the difference between the brothers while real world threats also come for the reincarnated thunder god. The trailer also points at a new ally for Magne who promises the hero does not have to fight alone anymore.

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With climate themed story and how we are slowly destroying the world we all inhabit; the second season will also probably focus on the idea more. Despite some backlash from Norwegian media and comparisons to Twilight during the first season’s premiere, there are high hopes for Ragnarok season 2. With eight episodes to deliver their message this time, the excitement is palpable.

The synopsis on trailer released by Netflix reads, “What do you do when you’re a 17-year-old high schooler who has just learned that you’re up against an ancient and extremely powerful enemy that is holding an entire town, perhaps even an entire country, in an iron grip? Magne is searching for answers and allies, but will he find them in time?”

With the Jotunn family still on the lose there is more coming for Magne and his friends. But now is not a time to fret for the young warrior, if the frost giant family is just one of many living in the current world, the thunder god will need help from allies and maybe even Odin to end the battle with frost giants again. Maybe this Ragnarok can be prevented because having only two humans in this world to repopulate it after the great flood is going to be a tough ask.

Ragnarok season 2 is coming on 27 May 2021 and unlike the first seasons, the second installment will have 8 episodes.

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