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Singer Billy Joel Weight Loss 2021 – Is He Sick?

Grab answer of American singer-songwriter Billy Joel weight loss due to illness with before and after comparison. 

Many of you might recognize Billy Joel for her popular songs and composition such as We Didn’t Start the Fire, Honesty and New York State of Mind. There is a piece of jolly news for Billy Joel genuine fans as recently he is all set for a word tour concert.

A majority of Billy fans started to come with different speculations regarding Billy Joel weight loss after he completely lost his belly fat with a major weight loss. With that a majority of fans also seem to be curious to learn the reason behind such astonishing weight loss reason of the 72 years old singer.

Billy Joel Weight Loss – Is It Due to Illness

Over social media and internet, a majority of fans are also heard speculating Billy Joel weight loss precisely being due to the singer illness or disease. However, those rumors are false and Billy did not lose weight from any disease.

Singer Billy Joel Weight Loss

Billy Joel Weight Loss from 264lbs to 200lbs – Before & After. (Image Source: Us Weekly)

Billy invested his time in proper exercise, workout and even maintained his diet which is the main reason behind his astounding 64 lbs (30 kg) weight loss. As there’s a saying that “Hardwork Forever pays” – Billy Joel hard work is the result of his weight loss.

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As in the recent picture you guys can clearly see, Billy amazing weight loss, precisely his belly parts and thighs. So coming to the conclusion, yes, the Honesty hitmaker Billy Joel has undergone weight loss and is not suffering from any illness but being set for upcoming world tour.

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Last modified: November 1, 2021