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Did Spencewuah Breakup with His Boyfriend Luis Bergen?

Did Spencewuah Breakup with His Boyfriend Luis Bergen?

Grab all the facts behind TikTok star Spencewuah’s breakup with longtime bf Luis Bergen including their current relationship status.

The internet has lately been going crazy ever over Spencewuah’s breakup with his longtime partner Luis Bergen. And seems like Spence’s followers can’t seem to hold what’s really cooking inside. So in order to learn what’s really cooking and their current relationship status ahead we present you with all the details.

If you been following any of the two partners Spencewuah or Luis Bergen then you might probably know them from Spencer’s popular 9.2 million followers filled TikTok account Spencerwuah and 822.9k followers filled Instagram.

Who is Spencewuah and His Ex-Boyfriend Luis?

All the TikTok users might well know who Spencer and ex Luis Bergen are.  And ahead, yes, we are gossiping about the Internet loved couple who seems to be no longer a couple. All the followers who’ve been lately hearing about the duo break up, the news is true.

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Grab every detail of Spencewuah ex Luis. (Image Source: Wuah Official TikTok)

And for those who are new to the star, Spence is bisexual and was in a relationship with ex-boyfriend Luis Bergin. The 19-year-old  Spencewuah confirmed his relationship via his million followers filled social media accounts in December 2020 taking to his famous Instagram and TikTok accounts.

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Taking about Luis, there is not much information about Bergina as he only gained fame and recognition after being featured in Spence’s popular social media account. But make sure to be updated as we’ll shortly provide you with updates as soon as we get hands to them.

Spencewuah and Luis’s Breakup been Confirmed!

Analyzing few factors and subtle changes like Bergin’s photos and videos being deleted from Spencer’s Instagram and not featuring in his social media. However, both the partners are yet to make any official statement. And fans have already crossed their fingers for hearing the positive news.

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Fans who’ve been noticing and routinely following the stars even came up with the assumption regarding their split based on the new fresh hair cut from his previous long curly hairstyle to short back and sides haircut – made him seem sexy and fresh.

And on the other side, Lusi also turned his Instagram profile from ‘public’ to ‘private’ which overall has made us clear the there is something wrong in their relationship. But still, there is a slight chance of Spencewuah and Luis coming back as a couple as both of them are yet to officially declare their split and could sort out their issues.

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So what do you think is the reason behind their split? As a matter of fact, a majority of fans also seem to be ‘okay’ regarding Spencewuah’s breakup as they felt Spence was not so happy & healthy from the core. Everything happens for a reason and we hope the reason was good for him. With positivity and warm love for the star during such an aching period, we heartily wish the wellness of Spencers, make him always spread the charming energy via his priceless smile.

Till then make sure to be updated as we’ll shortly provide you with updates as soon as we get hands on them. We hope you found the answer to your questions; and if you want more and recent updates of your favorite celebrity, Pop Buzz, Series, and Silver Screen updates make sure to bookmark BAE Mag.

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