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Will Steve Trevor Star Chris Pine Return for Wonder Woman 3?

Chris Pine will reportedly return as Steve Trevor in the third installment of the Wonder Woman franchise.

Chris Pine is expected to reprise his role of Steve Trevor in the third film of the Wonder Woman franchise.

DC Films President Walter Hamada recently announced that two DCEU films will be released every year on HBO Max, granting the franchise the potential to pursue smaller and more risky projects.

And judging by the response towards one of Wonder Woman 1984‘s most contentious story arcs, one possibility may be a spin-off after what transpired with the guy who was forcefully expelled from his own existence following the return of Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine. This event, in particular, made no sense whatsoever!


Here is someone who was so irrelevant to the cast details that actor Kristoffer Polaha is basically called handsome man (in the credits), a talented engineer who ends up getting possessed (kind of) by one stranger taking over his body while another pretty much comes into his apartment and hops his bones for added fun, when he’s, in fact, trapped in limbo or purgatory.

And it’s best not to even worry about his soul being possibly stuck in any sort of existential dystopia as he watches Steve command his physical body.

It would be fair to say viewers picked up on the woozy signifiers of the body swap, but given the way his role went down in the sequel, the latest reports suggest Warner Bros. is already gearing to get the actor back to the fold again for Wonder Woman 3, preferably in a less sinister fashion this time around.

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Further information remains vague at this point, but the good money is on them opting to give him his own body for the third movie in the franchise.

Whatever happens, though, fans will be satisfied since Pine’s charming personality on top of his wonderful chemistry with Gal Gadot, have been pillars of both films so far.

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Last modified: January 1, 2021