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‘Stranger Things’ Star Maya Hawke was Scared About Filming Season 4

'Stranger Things' Star Maya Hawke was Scared About Filming Season 4

Maya Hawke says she was really scared about filming Stranger Things season 4 because it’s such an “exposed” job with fluid coming out of your face.

Stranger Things star Maya Hawke has revealed that she was really scared of shooting the fourth season – and no, it wasn’t because of demogorgons or the Upside Down.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress – whose character Robin Buckley debuted during the third season of the show – described how nerve-wracking it was to shoot the popular Netflix science fiction horror series during the coronavirus pandemic.

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She told the publication,

Everyone was working so hard to be so safe and to wear masks and to protect each other and to quarantine and to do checks. All of that was great, but it’s such an exposed job. You’re on set and fluid has to come out of your face.

Hawke added,

You’ve got to cry, scream and spit, and no matter what you want, you can’t wear a mask doing that. You can’t wear a mask on camera telling a story about the ’80s. I was super intense about my quarantining and making sure I was safe and doing my testing and all of that stuff.

The 22-year-old continued,

But I wasn’t afraid for myself. I was just afraid of being on set, doing a scene with screaming, and having a piece of my spit go flying. If I somehow had picked up the wrong thing at the grocery store… and I had some particle in me… I was just really scared.

Maya, who is the daughter of the now-divorced Hollywood couple Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, went on to state she has received the coronavirus vaccine, and although she is always cautious when socializing, she isn’t as worried.

She explained it took until the vaccination for everything to feel fully at ease.

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Netflix was forced to delay filming for Stranger Things in the US because of the COVID-19 pandemic, after wrapping shooting in Lithuania in February 2020 – which will likely concentrate on David Harbour‘s Jim Hopper after the season three cliffhanger.

Hawke, Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson), Natalia Dyer (Nancy Wheeler), Sadie Sink (Max Mayfield), Joe Keery (Steve Harrington), and newcomer Levon Thurman-Hawke have all been seen on location after the production resumed in Georgia in September 2020.

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Last modified: May 7, 2021