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Taylor Selfridge States Her Reason for Getting a Boob Job

Taylor Selfridge States Her Reason for Getting a Boob Job | Celebrity Plastic Surgery

In a video from The Wharton Family, Taylor Selfridge recently outlined her path of getting and recovering from a breast augmentation surgery and giving a reason for it. And it’s as simple as it can be.

“I wanted to get my boobs done because my boobs were very small, especially before I had Mila,” Selfridge explains. “I had been planning on getting them done for probably like three years. But after I had her, my milk came in and they just kind of got a little bigger but dropped. So I was like I’m gonna have my boobs done.”

The video showed multiple flashback videos detailing the steps of recovery and the details behind the procedure. As for when she got them done, Selfridge said it was when her partner, Cory Wharton, was filming The Challenge Season 26, which is currently on air on MTV. So it was within August & November 2020, which she later confirmed happened in September, and their daughter Mila was in the care of her mom in her home in Seattle.

Taylor Selfridge posing for a lingerie ad after her breast augmentation surgery.

She said she wasn’t permitted to lift anything of over 10 pounds, which also meant her baby.
Photo Source: Taylor Selfridge, Instagram

The doctor who conducted the procedure was Dr. Craig Jonov. She went from size 34B before the procedure, which she said was even smaller before her child, to size 36DD with 375 cc pads. She wanted bigger, but the doctor suggested she get a smaller size for her.

With Cory being Cory behind the camera, the model walked through her recovery process while not being able to properly hold her daughter for the first six weeks of getting the procedure or breastfeed her for the time as well as three months before getting the procedure.

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Responding to the question of why she didn’t choose to do it after completely having the kids, she stated, “I didn’t want to wait. I don’t know when the last child I have is gonna be. I don’t know how old I’m gonna be. I wanted them now, and I had been waiting for years to get them anyway.”

The 26-year-old fully recovered in three to four weeks and regularly visited the doctor for quite a while afterward, just to be on the safe side. She then shared a few before & after pictures as well as tried on different outfits with her new look.

Taylor Selfridge posing for a photoshoot, years before her recent plastic surgery endeavor.Selfridge before her recent plastic surgery endeavor.
Photo Source: Taylor Selfridge, Instagram

For a while now, comments had been thrown out within her Instagram photos from the fans about a possible plastic surgery step, and many were largely already convinced that Taylor Selfridge had already had some work done in that area. Meanwhile, others rejected the idea multiple times.

“Who did her boobs?” One comment read in an October 2020 post, so after she had the work done. But replies suggested it was only because of her step towards being a mommy. Several reports also mentioned it was just her post-baby body. Of course, that became one of the reasons they were bigger.

Before she had her work done or having her child, there wasn’t particularly any discussion of Taylor Selfridge getting plastic surgery of any kind.

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The pair are considered a power couple by a lot of her fans ever since they officially started dating in February 2019, and criticism regarding the relationship has hardly come, although Teen Mom OG viewers often wanted Wharton and his baby mama, Cheyenne Floyd, to be together, despite daughter Ryder K. Wharton being the result of a one-night thing between them.

They never dated, but remain close friends even now. And it was even after all the rumors that there was bad blood between Floyd and Selfridge. There was not, and Floyd supports their relationship through and through.

Taylor Selfridge, boyfriend Cory Wharton, their daughter Mila in his arms and his daughter from a past relationship, Ryder, in her embrace.Cheyenne Floyd also defended their relationship when fans thought there was spite between the two.
Photo Source: Taylor Selfridge, Instagram

Selfridge did get in trouble with her fanbase back in June 2019, and Teen Mom OG even fired her when a number of deleted racist tweets from her resurfaced. She did respond to the criticisms later in August after it went overboard and lost a few insignificant number of followers on Instagram afterward. Even now, only a select few negative comments are still seen.

The fans are also pushing for an engagement from Wharton and Selfridge, which had been in the rumor mill before they announced that they were having a child together. But it hasn’t come yet, and he did say it would be a grand revelation when it will happen. The pair posted pictures from their vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and there were fans still waiting for the engagement. They just have to keep waiting.

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