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Who is Tim Pool Girlfriend in 2021? Here’s What We Know So Far

tim pool girlfriend in 2021

Here’s what you should know about Tim Pool girlfriend in 2021. Is the YouTuber dating someone? Let’s find out.

Tim Pool, born Timothy Daniel Pool, is a political commentator and YouTuber, widely popular for his show, “TimCast.” Tim stepped into the world of journalism working Vice Media and Fusion TV, came into the spotlight for live streaming the “Occupy Wall Street” Protest in 2011.

Well, it’s clear, Tim Pool is different than his other fellow journalist; he just knows how to stay in the spotlight. Following the major attention back in 2011, he just knew he had to find ways to stay on the radar.

The 35-year-old journalist, after working for Vice and Fusion TV, and gathering substantial experiences, started working alone on YouTube and later formed “TimCast.”

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Since he is well-known in his circle, many of his fans want to know more about his personal life, more precisely, his dating life. Does Tim Pool have a girlfriend in 2021? Let’s find out.

Tim Pool Girlfriend in 2021: Is He Dating Someone?

It wouldn’t be too wrong if we say Tim Pool is a massive success, well, at least in what he is doing. But again, he lists too many things he is into. According to his profile, Tim is a journalist, musician, and skater.

We are not sure about the latter two, but Pool certainly is doing wonders as a journalist, and he garners a decent fan following through his work. Well, that’s there, but how successful is he in his love life?

It seems he is not that lucky in that department, well, at least, not from what we researched. The 35-year-old is not married, at least we can confirm that, and about his girlfriend, he is apparently single.

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However, Tim Pool’s fans think he has someone special in his life. Tim is recently linked with a model and actress, Violet Summers. We are still not sure if Violet Summer is the girlfriend of Tim Pool, but something suggests the same.

Who is Tim Pool’s Alleged Girlfriend, Voilet Summers?

Folks, we are telling you this again, we are not sure if Tim Pool girlfriend is Violet Summers. But According to the journalist’s recent activity, it seems he is into Violet, and vice-versa.

tim pool girlfriend in 2021

Some people suspect Tim Pool’s girlfriend is Violet Summers. Photo Source: Tim Pool, Instagram

Tim Pool recently uploaded a picture of his alleged girlfriend on his Instagram, praising her for wearing the “I Am A Gorilla” t-shirt. On the caption, he wrote,

“Wow @violets.tv you rock. Violets rocking the I am A Gorilla shirt to 10.6M people. I’m grateful.”

Replying to his post, Violet poked fun at him saying, “ctually just using you to get to Alex ??”

Well, all we can say for now is, even if they are not dating, at least they are flirting with each other. Possibilities are endless, you know.

Since we are here to know more about Violet Summers, as we mentioned earlier, she is a model and actress.

Tim Pool girlfriend boasts whopping more than 10 million followers on her Instagram account alone. Even her backup account has more than 1 million followers which is enough to say she is a huge success. Moreover, she has a YouTube channel as well.

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