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Topher Grace Impresses on His Return as Sitcom Lead in ‘Home Economics’

Topher Grace Impresses on His Return as Sitcom Lead in 'Home Economics'

Topher Grace showcases why he is one of the most memorable stars on the small screen as he marks his return as the lead on the new ABC sitcom Home Economics.

Topher Grace did not exactly fade away after leaving That ’70s Show, but it feels like he never quite fulfilled his true potential.

He appeared in a string of endearing flops, notably Take Me Home Tonight (2011), In Good Company (2004), and Predators (2010), but we believe he was tainted by his underwhelming villainous role in Spider-Man 3 (2007) and never fully recuperated.

Grace persevered, however, and has produced some solid, albeit unnoticed, work in films such as American Ultra (2015) and BlacKkKlansman (2018), as well as the TV miniseries The Hot Zone (2019).

Now, Topher marks his return to the style that made him popular with ABC’s new comedy Home Economics. Truth be told, this seems like a much more natural fit for the actor.

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Home Economics is a comedy in the style of Modern Family, but the emphasis is on the social status of the families rather than their structure.

Topher Grace portrays Tom, Caitlin McGee plays Sarah, and Jimmy Tatro (the impressively clueless guy from American Vandal) portrays Connor, who is also an exquisitely silly character in this show.

The three of them are siblings, and all of them are going through a struggle in their own lives and their respective ​families.

Tom and Marina (Karla Souza) are your typical, ordinary family. Tom is an Ivy Leaguer and a widely acclaimed author; however, he is also secretly deprived (but highly regarded).

They share three children, and Sarah is amusingly dissatisfied with her life, which consists of doing laundry and tuning to true-crime podcasts.

Sarah is in a marital relationship with Denise, and they live a low-income, hippy lifestyle with two children in what seems to be a small single-bedroom flat.

On top of this, Sarah is currently unemployed. In the meantime, Connor — the clueless brother — is completely filled with all the luxuries, because isn’t that how it goes? He has a child and they reside in Matt Damon‘s old home, but he’s going through a tragic divorce.

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So, every sibling is broken in their own unique way, and they clash like siblings and love one another like siblings, and that’s pretty much the idea, give or take a Matt Damon jab in between.

It’s difficult to pass judgment on a sitcom based solely on the pilot, but there’s strong synergy, the script is Happy Endings smart, and we enjoyed hanging with the characters throughout the episode.

That’s about everything we could say right now, bar the fact that we fully intend to keep watching, and Home Economics fits right in with the other ABC family sitcom selections.

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