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Did That ’70s Show Cast Feud With Eric Forman Actor Topher Grace?

Did That '70s Show Cast Feud With Eric Forman Actor Topher Grace?

Fans have always been eager to know whether Topher Grace, well-renowned for That ’70s Show, carried a feud with his co-stars, and the reason he quit the sitcom.

As Topher Grace quit That ’70s Show before the series concluded, the viewers were understandably upset. They not only felt betrayed by Eric Forman, but they also wondered if some things were going on behind the scenes that forced him to depart.

And while a lot of people believed Grace was grappling with his co-stars, it turns out, after all, they were mere speculations.

There was some stuff the viewers were not aware of when That ’70s Show was filming. Laura Prepon, for one, was in a relationship with Scott Michael Foster.

And fans now know Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were not a romantic duo back then even though Ashton was Mila’s first kiss.

Fans have since discovered that not every cast member has gotten along with everyone else. For instance, Lisa Robin Kelly‘s drug addictions were likely to trigger issues on set. But did the cast really have a feud with Topher, and why did he quit the show?

All of the signs lead to no. In reality, it was Topher’s own decision to quit the sitcom, and Eric Forman returned to tie up his story in the series finale.

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But as to the rationale behind his exit from the comedy, Topher later clarified to Indie Wire he really wanted a new career direction.

He related:

I looked around at my life and I had just met the woman who is now my wife. I was feeling really confident and good, and it occurred to me that I was really lucky to have been on a sitcom for a lot of years. I realized then that I didn’t really need a lot more money.

He acknowledged it seemed cocky, reported Indie Wire, but the fact was Topher Grace didn’t have to take on those parts (or remain in sitcoms) to have the life he wished for.

Right after leaving That ’70s Show, Grace had a spot in the Spiderman movie, but he claimed it was a one-off film.

Topher clarified he just wanted to pursue independent films, joining “auteurs” rather than major studios.

Hollywood Reporter quoted him saying,

I don’t really care what it does to my career. I love it.

Around the same point, Topher also said he wouldn’t say no to the revival of the sitcom. He claims he’s still good buddies with his castmates, and he’d love to see each other; there were no more signs of the feud.

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While some might suggest Topher’s career took a nosedive after the end of the popular fox comedy, he obviously disagrees.

Besides, he may have slipped off the radars of the public, but at least he’s not stuck in prison with a lasting smear on his image.

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Last modified: December 28, 2020