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‘What If…?’ – Does Josh Brolin’s Thanos Have a Future in the MCU Multiverse?

'What If...?' - Does Josh Brolin's Thanos Have a Future in the MCU Multiverse?

Josh Brolin’s Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame made a surprise appearance on Marvel’s What If…? series. This begs the question – Will we be seeing more of Thanos in the Multiverse?

In the latest episode of Marvel StudiosWhat If…? series titled “What If… T’Challa Became a Star-Lord,” Yondu scooped up T’Challa from Earth rather than Peter Quill in an alternate universe.

Chadwick Boseman played T’Challa, Michael Rooker played Yondu, Karen Gillan portrayed Nebula, Benicio Del Toro performed as the Collector, and Josh Brolin played Thanos. Because of the changes done to Thanos in this realm, it was particularly enjoyable to see Brolin reprise his role as the Mad Titan.

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Upon forsaking his plan to wipe out half the universe, the character joins forces with the Ravagers, thanks to T’Challa’s convincing argument.

While speaking with Discussing Film, A.C. Bradley talked about why Thanos was chosen to appear in the show and what the future holds for him.

Bradley explained,

It came from a few places. We were writing it with Endgame coming out in a matter of weeks, or months. We’d already seen it. And so the Thanos question was looming large.

She added,

And to be honest, we don’t really play around with Thanos in the rest of the series, because we did it so well here answering the Thanos question, which is, ‘Does this universe still have the snap?’ So we decided that like, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if T’Challa just had a conversation with the man and convinced him that like, you know, genocide is not the answer.’ And that was almost like a joke that we were tossing around.

Bradley continued,

But then it gave us so many gifts, which is, without Thanos, there’s a power vacuum. And, you know, nature abhors a vacuum, so the Collector gains prominence. And then what can we do with Nebula? Gamora and T’Challa don’t seem like a match, and Gamora is so great with Peter Quill, we don’t want to split up the fan favorites.

She pondered what would Nebula be like if she had a regular childhood and adolescence. And then there’s her and T’Challa’s hilarious banter, which is, incidentally, a mainstay of heist films.  And in some manner, she’s their Ocean’s 11 Julia Roberts.

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Karen Gillan, unsurprisingly, was a treat to work with since the character and the part were so much richer because of her. In fact, the writer reveals she came up with the name “Cha Cha.”

When they asked her to add more sequences because it was such a great little moment, Bradley says she did an improv.

What If…? premieres Wednesdays on Disney+.

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