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David Schwimmer’s Spy Sitcom ‘Intelligence’ is Returning for Season 2

David Schwimmer's Spy Sitcom 'Intelligence' is Returning for Season 2

Friends star David Schwimmer is returning for Sky One and NOW’s Intelligence season 2.

Sky comedy Intelligence, starring David Schwimmer, best known as Ross Geller from Friends, is making a return to screens this summer.

The second season, co-starring and created by Nick Mohammed, will premiere on Sky One and the streaming platform NOW on 8th June, with all episodes accessible instantly.

Watch: Intelligence | Official Trailer | Sky One

The first season ended with Schwimmer’s NSA agent Jerry Bernstein barely escaping extradition to the United States thanks to his superior Christine‘s intervention. In accordance with the synopsis for the upcoming season, the action starts with Jerry losing ground.

The synopsis adds,

However, when it’s revealed that the Russians have got their hands on a cyberweapon that Jerry was instrumental in developing, his intel suddenly becomes vital to national, if not international, security.

The synopsis continues,

Facing some demons from his past along the way, by the end of episode 1 he is firmly back in his alpha-male comfort zone and heralded a hero.

After forming a strong relationship with fellow GCHQ employee Charlotte, Mohammed’s character Joseph will sail through season 2 with romantic inclinations.

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The synopsis further teased, “Romance blossoms and not even Jerry’s meddling nor Christine’s ban on cross-departmental relationships can get in the way.”

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Last modified: April 8, 2021