On August 12, 2021 By Steve Goodman

Is David Schwimmer Dating Jennifer Aniston? The Actor’s Rep Responds Following Speculations!

Friends stars David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston were believed to be dating over the weekend. The actor’s representative is now...
On June 26, 2021 By Steve Goodman

David Schwimmer’s Ex-girlfriend Natalie Imbruglia Addresses His ‘Crush’ on Friends Co-star Jennifer Aniston

David Schwimmer’s former girlfriend Natalie Imbruglia reacts to the revelation that her ex had a crush on his co-star Jennifer...
On June 22, 2021 By Steve Goodman

Friends’ Gunther Actor James Michael Tyler Reveals Stage 4 Prostate Cancer

The popular Gunther star from the iconic NBC sitcom Friends, James Michael Tyler, discloses stage 4 cancer and is now...
On June 9, 2021 By Steve Goodman

‘Friends’ Icon Lisa Kudrow is Set to Star in New Disney+ Musical

Lisa Kudrow has landed a new role in an upcoming Disney+ musical Better Nate Than Ever following the successful Friends:...
On May 28, 2021 By Steve Goodman

Matt LeBlanc’s Father Says They Haven’t Spoken in Almost a Decade

While Matt LeBlanc is regaining the spotlight through the much-anticipated Friends: The Reunion on HBO Max, his dad says they...
On May 26, 2021 By Steve Goodman

Jennifer Aniston Says Ex-Husband Brad Pitt Favorite Guest Star on ‘Friends’

Rachel Green actress Jennifer Aniston says her ex-husband Brad Pitt’s season 8 cameo in Friends is one of the best...
On May 14, 2021 By Oscar Peters

HBO Max Teases Friends Reunion with BTS, Justin Bieber, David Beckham & More Star Guest

HBO max teases about the FRIENDS reunion featuring some of the A-Lister artists like Justin Bieber, Kit Harington, Mindy Kaling,...
On April 8, 2021 By Steve Goodman

David Schwimmer’s Spy Sitcom ‘Intelligence’ is Returning for Season 2

Friends star David Schwimmer is returning for Sky One and NOW’s Intelligence season 2. Sky comedy Intelligence, starring David Schwimmer,...
On January 15, 2021 By Steve Goodman

Lisa Kudrow Shares Latest Friends Reunion Special Update

When will Friends Reunion Special air and what will it be about? You might think it’s not happening, judging by...
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