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Extraction 2 – Joe Russo Discusses Filming Date and Script for the Sequel


One of the biggest movies of 2020 was the action flick from Netflix, Extraction. Starring Chris Hemsworth, the movie was a massive success, later becoming the streamer’s biggest movie to date. Close to 100 million accounts watched at least two consecutive minutes of the movie in the first month and its ambiguous ending means Extraction 2 is happening with Joe Russo revealing the filming date for the sequel.

While some of those numbers may not hold up for the entire length of the movie, it is safe to say most people watched the action thriller. Chris Hemsworth played Tyler Raker in Extraction with first-time director Sam Hargrave sitting on the director’s chair and according to reports, almost everyone is coming back for the sequel.

But the thing is we are still living in a COVID world, while some productions have restarted we’ve seen them struggle. The whole thing has thrown a wrench in the production process but Joe Russo seems confident with where they are with the preparation for the sequel.

Joe Russo Talks About the Filming Start Date for Extraction 2

extraction-2-ovi-tyler-rake-netflixChris Hemsworth is returning as Tyler Rake in Extraction 2 but Ovi is not certain.
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While Joe and Anthony Russo were filming their MCU movies the brothers also decided to open their own production house. The AGBO banner was started in 2016 with their first produced movie 21 Bridges arriving in 2019. A year later Extraction debut on Netflix and became a massive hit for the production company.

The company has a full slate of pictures to work with starring your favorite MCU stars. But they are also making other movies and during the promotion of their new Netflix flick, Mosul Joe Russo spoke about the other projects in the AGBO lineup, especially Extraction 2.

Joe Russo revealed that the team is working hard on finishing the story for the sequel and he also gave a possible start date for the filming. While Chris Hemsworth wrote about (possible) multiple sequels based in the world of Tyler Rake, the beloved director spoke of only Extraction 2.

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The director/ producer said, “Yeah we’re still working on two. We’re in the script phase right now but we’re hoping to shoot that sometime next year. And then you know, say I’m super excited, Hemsworth’s super excited, Netflix is excited so it’s really just a function of getting the script done.”

So, it seems the director is planning for a 2021 start date. Chris Hemsworth is going to be one busy man considering he is returning for Thor: Love and Thunder with Chris Pratt also joining him. The actor however is keeping himself fit, posting “donut” lifting videos on social media which resulted in his friends asking him to slow down, so that he doesn’t make them all look bad.

Extraction 2 – Possible Plot Points for the Netflix Sequel

Extraction was a pretty straight forward movie, a fast-paced action caper where the hero needs to rescue and get a package out from a hostile environment. Featuring some great actors the movie did a fine job of staging action which became its calling card in the end.

The movie was an enjoyable 2 hours which had a simplistic ending, with Tyler Raker, mortally injured and falling to his death from the bridge. But then the ending was thrown on its head when a mysterious shadowy figure was shown after a few days, standing in front of Ovi who was smiling.

The moment near the pool resulted in the speculation that Tyler Rake was not dead. Though we have no confirmation yet, it is somewhat safe to say that Rake probably survived. In Extraction 2 we will probably get some more detail on who Tyler was, his backstory.

In the same way, John Wick filled out the vibrant assassin underworld in the sequel, that is probably what Extraction 2 plot will do. Who is Nik Khan, why is Tyler in the situation he is in, who are all of these people, and for whom do they work? Those are the questions from the first movie that will need to be answered.

Or Netflix can possibly decide to merge their two biggest movies of 2020 in The Old Guard and Extraction to combine the mythology and explain the survival of Tyler. This article was a pretty interesting read, but we will probably get a Tyler Rake-centered Extraction 2 with the filming date set for 2021 and a possible release date of 2022.

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Last modified: November 25, 2020