‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Director Addresses Bucky’s Future in the MCU

Apr 30, 2021 @ 12:09 GMT+0000
'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' Director Addresses Bucky's Future in the MCU

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier director Kari Skogland sheds light on Bucky’s (Sebastian Stan) future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It’s been a week since the finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021) dropped on Disney’s streaming platform, but the MCU show has offered viewers a lot to talk about.

The Disney+ series left its cast on some surprising and fascinating paths, the bulk of which is yet to be concretely predicted in the series’s future films and TV.

Bucky Barnes‘ (Sebastian Stan) overarching goal is especially uncertain, as the proceedings of the series seemed to create a new and distinctly stable plotline for him.

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In the latest interview with The Direct, FATWS helmer Kari Skogland discussed Bucky’s future plans, claiming that although his struggles and experiences aren’t fully made amends for, he’s in a happier position.

Skogland revealed,

I would like to think that that is a happier place. I think he’ll always be troubled because you can’t go through what he’s gone through and who he’s had to be without having residual effects. So, I think he will always be coping with what that is, but he certainly is in a better place.

The director continued,

I can say as a result of his time with Sam, and as Sam says to him, ‘You’ve been avenging. What you really need to do is you need to make them feel good.’ You need to serve them. You’ve been talking about you, now go out and make them feel okay. And so as a result, he starts on that path. And, of course, we suggest he’s gone through the book, and so he’s on the path to heal.

This goes in line with remarks made recently by the showrunner Malcolm Spellman in which he claimed that Bucky has cognitively abandoned his Winter Soldier title.

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Spellman explained,

I hope people will forget that end title card as being an indicator of a commitment from Marvel. I think he has slayed that dragon, personally, and I don’t think I’ll be in trouble for that. So when Bucky enters the series, he’s never ever shaken what he believes, which is, ‘I remember everyone, murders, which means that part of me was there, which means a part of the Winter Soldier is me.’ And if even a fraction of Winter Soldier is you, you are an awful person. You know what I’m saying?

The director added,

I think Bucky enters this thing truly believing he is kind of the Winter Soldier no matter what anyone says. By the end, he has the moment with the old man, but more importantly, nobody has caught this… I’ve been saying it all day. In the scene with the Flag-Smashers in Episode 6, when one of those people gets out of that van and thanks Bucky, that’s his first time being a hero.

Spellman continued,

 So by the end of this series, Bucky is emerging as having shed the burden of the Winter Soldier. He has found a new family, ironically, it’s a Black family in Louisiana, you know what I’m saying? And he has tasted being a hero for the first time. And I think he’s now free to become something amazing.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is currently streaming on Disney+.

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