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Gal Gadot’s Spy Thriller ‘Heart of Stone’ is Heading To Netflix

Gal Gadot’s Spy Thriller 'Heart of Stone' is Heading To Netflix

Gal Gadot is coming to Netflix with a blockbuster espionage thriller Heart of Stone.

It might only be a need of circumstances boosting an industry-wide change, or it might be an alarming loss of faith in the near future of theater experience, but several mega-budget films are shifting strictly to streaming.

Just a few days after Amazon waltzed in to win streaming rights to Chris Pratt‘s sci-fi adventure The Tomorrow War for $200 million, Netflix has now scooped up Gal Gadot‘s spy thriller Heart of Stone.

The project was unveiled just last month, but the world’s largest subscription service has already won the bidding war to finance what is going to be another hugely expensive development.

Gadot has signed an eight-figure star contract and given the fact that she has pocketed over $20 million for both Wonder Woman 1984 and Red Notice, her pay for Heart of Stone would be at least around the same figure.

There was a lot of hype about the original script of the Oscar-nominated Hidden Figures writer Allison Schroeder and Greg Rucka (The Old Guard), with the premise being presented in the spirit of James Bond and Mission: Impossible, which instantly signals the fact that Netflix is counting on a potential franchise.

Production company Skydance Media also carries a lot of experience with the network, obviously, having worked on the action-filled 6 Underground (2019) and Rucka’s The Old Guard (2020), as well as Ryan Reynolds‘ forthcoming time travel film The Adam Project (2021).

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The Aeronauts director Tom Harper will sit on the director’s chair for Heart of Stone (2021) and now it is Netflix’s second major spy thriller in active production after the Russo brothers’ The Gray Man, which is also being planned as the beginning of a multi-film project.

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Last modified: January 16, 2021