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New Star Trek Movie Set for June 2023 with JJ Abrams Producing!


Paramount announced the release date for the next live action Star Trek movie. It will arrive in June 2023 and JJ Abrams is returning to produce the movie.

Star Trek is a beloved property in the United States, with numerous TV shows and over a dozen live action movies made to date. But outside of the US, Trek has never managed to capture the imagination of the masses in the same way Star Wars has done. This was the reason why Star Trek Beyond underwhelmed at the box office and all new movie development were halted.

But after half a decade and multiple said productions, we finally have a release date for the next Star Trek movie. The much sought after director and the person who launched the latest version of Trek, JJ Abrams is returning as producers and fans are excited to finally see some movement when it comes to another live action movie.

As soon as Beyond was released in 2016, there were talks of further movies in the franchise. At one point even Quentin Tarantino got involved, claiming he wanted to make a Star Trek movie but development in that movie has died down as have for most Trek movies. But this 2023 release date is a real commitment by Paramount in continuing the beloved American franchise.

New Star Trek Release Date According to Paramount

As it has been the case for major studios for a while now, claiming release dates in future is a way of warding off potential competition. Paramount has done the same by placing the untitled Star Trek movie on 9 June 2023. That is smack-dab in the middle of the summer and possibly after theatre going has been normalized.

This is the first Star Trek movie since the $340 million grossing third movie in the reboot/sequel series starring Chris Pine as James T. Kirk. While the film managed to gross over $158 million at the North American market, almost three times its opening weekend gross, but foreign box office did not come to the rescue of the film.

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As with past Star Trek movies, the foreign gross was relatively low considering the franchise of its size and history. That combined with competition during the summer resulted in Paramount pumping the brakes on the franchise. While there were developments going on in other productions, movies were stopped.

In recent times we have seen Star Trek: Discovery and Picard coming to CBS All Access. But they are TV shows and finally fans of the long running franchise will get to set their eyes on a new movie, possibly starring Chris Pine as Kirk.

Everything We Know About the New Star Trek Movie

There is still confusion on whose story is being produced into a new movie. As we mentioned before, there were four different possible Star Trek projects at work with Paramount from 2016 to 2020. But none of them were given a green light and when announcing the release date, confusion was created as to who will write the new movie.

Kalinda Vazquez of Star Trek Discovery was said to be writing an original movie and most of the report is point to her story as the possible new film being developed by Paramount. So, working with that assumption, the possibility is Kirk will not be in the movie, the film is described as an original work so Chris Pine is probably not returning for another go at the iconic James T. Kirk character.

It will be interesting tracking the development of this new Star Trek movie. As for what is certain right now, we will be getting the untitled film on 9 June 2023.

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