On May 17, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

Top Gun Producer Talks Convincing Tom Cruise to Play Maverick in 1985

Tom Cruise in today’s Hollywood is a bonafide A-lister. One of the few actors currently working in the city of...
On May 10, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

A Quiet Place Part II – Uncertain Future for the Franchise Moving Forward

After A Quiet Place defied expectation and made over $300 million at the box office, A Quiet Place II was...
On April 12, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

New Star Trek Movie Set for June 2023 with JJ Abrams Producing!

Paramount announced the release date for the next live action Star Trek movie. It will arrive in June 2023 and...
On February 18, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

Taylor Sheridan Knows Where Yellowstone Will End – 2 More Possible Seasons?

Paramount Network was a revamped new channel from Viacom, taking over Spike and one of the flagship shows launched to...
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