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A Quiet Place Part II – Uncertain Future for the Franchise Moving Forward


After A Quiet Place defied expectation and made over $300 million at the box office, A Quiet Place II was greenlit. Then the pandemic happened and Paramount decided to cut short the theatrical run of the film, favoring their budding streaming platform. This decision caused some friction with the stars of the movie, throwing A Quiet Place franchise into uncertainty.

A Quiet Place was released in 2018 based on the script written by John Krasinski with the actor also directing and starring alongside his wife Emily Blunt. Coming from Paramount pictures, the film was a massive success for the studio and a sequel was inevitable. Everyone was coming back for the sequel that was destined to break records based on the hype surrounding the first movie and the first trailer for A Quiet Place II.

Following the lives of a family living in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by monsters with heightened sense of hearing. The first movie showed a family of five trying to survive as a mother and father try to keep their family safe while preparing for the arrival of a new member. Ending the first movie on a cliffhanger, we are getting a sequel which appears to be the last movie in the franchise considering the deteriorating relationship between the stars of the movie and Paramount.

Uncertain Future for A Quiet Place Franchise Beyond the Sequel at Paramount

The pandemic has thrown a wrench in everyone’s plans and that is even more true for production companies in Hollywood. They had to postpone all of the theatre releases and even sell off some films to streaming platforms so as to make their investments back. But the pandemic has also shown studios a new way to make money by starting their own streaming platforms and simultaneously releasing movies in theaters as well as their streaming services.

While Disney Plus decided to charge extra for the new movies as a promotion called “Early Access” where despite the subreption to their service, new movies would cost people $29.99. The film would eventually be released for all consumers and Disney Plus found success with the format when Mulan did some good business for them, with Raya and the Last Dragon being the latest early access movie.

The idea adopted by HBO Max and WarnerMedia was a little different however as they made their movies available for all subscribers, same day as the theatrical release. Wonder Woman 1984 was a moderate success at the box office and did massive numbers for HBO Max during the Christmas period. But the move of releasing films in theater and streaming platform on the same day caused a lot of stir among Warner Bros. filmmakers and stars.

Christopher Nolan was livid after the announcement and even called HBO Max the worst streaming platform. Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot were paid extra after if became clear that shorter theater run and streaming availability meant they would lose out on the backend profits. These types of deals have been happening all over Hollywood nowadays to keep the talent happy but Paramount’s reluctance to play a part, it appears, will cost them a franchise.

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After the pandemic showed no signs of slowing down A Quiet Place II was pushed to 2021. Paramount was adamant about giving the film a wide theatrical release and considering Godzilla vs. Kong’s success, the box office appeared to be recovering. But like most production companies in Hollywood Paramount also has a streaming service Paramount+ and they are compromising the release of A Quiet Place to benefit their streaming service.

According to reports A Quiet Place II will have a theatrical window of 45 days and then the film will move to Paramount+ for streaming audiences. The pre-COVID format of film release is 90 days of theatrical run, followed by 6 months of VOD/DVD release and then only release on a streaming platform. And Paramount is forgoing all of that for a new format without compensating the stars and producers of the film.

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are backend profit sharing partners of A Quiet Place II. The film was destined to make over $450 million at the box office. But with the shortened release and no VOD means less profit and less income for the people involved. The husband wife duo is said to be wanting Warner Bros. type deals but Paramount is not willing to negotiate

The studio is not willing to put more cash in the pockets of the power couple’s pocket which has reportedly soured the relationship between the two parties. So, A Quiet Place II is on the way, releasing on 28 May 2021, and 45 days after the theatrical premiere you can watch the movie on Paramount+. As for the future of the franchise, everything is up in the air right now.

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