Ryan Reynolds Claims Salma Hayek Slaps Harder Than Samuel L. Jackson

May 24, 2021 @ 16:28 GMT+0000
Ryan Reynolds Claims Salma Hayek Slaps Harder Than Samuel L. Jackson

Ryan Reynolds says The Hitman's Bodyguard co-star Salma Hayek slapped him harder than Samuel L Jackson. The Deadpool star claims he can still feel her tiny hand's sharp sting.

Ryan Reynolds, who is well-known for the portrayal of Deadpool and Green Lantern, has revealed that his action-packed roles have taken their toll, disclosing that he left wounded by his The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard co-star Salma Hayek.

The two co-star alongside Samuel L Jackson in the forthcoming action-comedy sequel, which advances the story of 2017's The Hitman's Bodyguard and extends Hayek's character Sonia Kincaid's involvement.

Sonia made a brief appearance in the first film, interacting with her hitman husband Darius Kincaid (Jackson) from jail while he and his bodyguard Michael Bryce (Reynolds) thwarted a murder plot.

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Sonia will be one of the leading stars in the sequel, as the name suggests, with helmer Patrick Hughes telling Variety that fan reaction told him they were eager to see and hear more about Sonia.

Sonia's larger part, on the other hand, came at the cost of Reynolds' face, the actor chuckled.

Reynolds said,

In Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, I'm slapped in the face twice by Salma and once by Samuel L Jackson.

The actor added,

For the record, it was Salma who didn't pull the punches. Not even once. I can still feel the sharp sting of her tiny hand working its way into my soft Hollywood cheekbones. May God have mercy on her soul.

However, it appears that the actor has forgiven the actress, as he applauded her dedication to her role and the script.

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He said,

Salma is a writer. She comes to set with a writer's mind and outlook. She's constantly improving, rewriting and reminding us all what the scene is actually about. She comes to play and build.

Hayek, who is also featuring in the Marvel Studios film Eternals this year, expressed her happiness after Hughes told her the sequel would concentrate on Sonia, stating she was "shocked" to learn the news.

Hayek said,

I've been in many movies where we get the call: 'Oh, my God, you're one of the most liked characters in the film.' So many times. But for the first time, there was a director that said, 'I'm gonna listen to the audience.'

She continued,

But I didn't trust him. At the beginning, I said, 'Oh, he's just exaggerating. He's just being nice.' But then when we started talking about it, he told me the storyline, and then I realised, 'Oh, my God, this guy is not only for real, but he also wants me involved in the process'.

The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard is expected to hit theatres on 16th June 2021.

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