Zack Snyder was Eager for Ryan Reynolds to Return as Green Lantern in Justice League

Apr 3, 2021 @ 6:44 GMT+0000
Zack Snyder was Eager for Ryan Reynolds to Return as Green Lantern in Justice League

Zack Snyder wanted Ryan Reynolds to reprise the role of Green Lantern in the latest Justice League film.

For several months, there were reports connecting Ryan Reynolds to Zack Snyder‘s Justice League (2021), but the Green Lantern actor did not appear in the movie.

The filmmaker, however, has stated that he considered bringing back Reynolds as Hal Jordan, as well as disclosing that he really desired John Stewart‘s Lantern to feature in the film, but Warner Bros. declined.

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New speculation has emerged that sheds some light on the director’s full ambitions for the GL Corps. Snyder expected Reynolds to remain full-time as Hal Jordan, as per insider Daniel Richtman.

The filmmaker is said to have been prepared to try to persuade the Canadian actor to return to the DC universe on a long-term basis, but Warner Bros. nixed the concept because they carry their own ambitions for that section of the franchise.

Moreover, Snyder’s plan seems to have been to have the Deadpool star’s Jordan train Stewart.

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The director and the company are said to have had a falling out over the Green Lanterns. Snyder has acknowledged that he attempted to leave when WB declined to let him use John Stewart in the film.

They finally decided to have Martian Manhunter fill Stewart’s gaping hole. Stewart would almost certainly go on to lead the Green Lantern Corps film if it ever gets up and running.

Reynolds, for one, has been a vocal supporter of the Snyder Cut. To mark the release of the 2011 GL film on HBO Max, he watched it for the first time.

But, considering his busy life, would he have wished to return as Jordan full-time? It’s difficult to say, but DC fans will probably concur that WB should have offered Snyder a chance to persuade him. Assuming, of course, that the rumor is real.

Meanwhile, a new Green Lantern TV show is scheduled to premiere on HBO Max; the release date is yet to be confirmed.

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