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Who is Steelo Brim Girlfriend in 2021? Here’s Everything You Should Know About Ridiculousness’ Host Relationship

steelo brim girlfriend in 2021 kayla nicole

Here’s what you should know about Steelo Brim girlfriend in 2021. Is the American television personality dating someone? Let’s find out.

Steelo Brim, known for his stint on MTV’s “Ridiculousness,” is an American television personality and actor. Steelo is the co-host and producer of the MTV show, which ran for over 20 seasons.

Steelo Brim, a Chicago native, comes from a humble family; According to his profile, the MTV host is the son of a Chicago Fire Dept Battalion Chief and a pastor. People who have been following Steelo on his Instagram are very well aware of his mother, Tracy Brim.

Indeed, Brim often uploads pictures of him and his mother; He surely is a momma’s boy. Moreover, Steelo also doesn’t shy away from posting his siblings’ pictures.

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Steelo Brim, however, never posted a picture of his girlfriend. Is he single as of 202,  or does he have a girlfriend? Let’s find out.

Who is Steelo Brim Girlfriend in 2021?

Well, sorry, guys, but nothing is known about Steelo Brim girlfriend as of now. However, the American television personality admitted he is in a relationship and dating a black girlfriend (his words, not ours).

In a heated debate between one of his fans, Steelo Brim admitted he is in a relationship and is dating a black girlfriend when fans implied he only dates “white” women.

In response to the fan’s accuse, Steelo Brim said, “Awwww u mad. And who do I date? My gf is black but I’ll wait.”

MTV’s Ridiculousness’ host added,

“I got u, I’ll give u the response u want sweetie. Number 1, I support interracial Relationships for sure. We in 2020. I myself have been in 5 relationships. 1 interracial, 4 black women, and 1 white. Tried it and realized black women are where I feel most comfortable. Anything else?”

Despite the revelation, Steelo Brim is dating a black girlfriend; he never mentioned her name. However, we have some speculations. Steelo Brim could be dating LA model Kayla Nicole.

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Steelo Brim and his alleged girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, never openly admitted they are dating, but some sources close to Steelo suspect the two could be in a relationship.

Who is Steelo Brim Alleged Girlfriend, Kayla Nicole?

Well, it’s not clear if she is the one yet, we will have to wait for them to confirm the speculations, but while talking about Kayla Nicole, she is a model based in Los Angeles.


steelo brim girlfriend in 2021 kayla nicole

Some speculations suggest Steelo Brim girlfriend in 2021 is Kayla Nicole. The couple allegedly started dating sometime in 2020.
Photo Source: Kayla Nicole, Instagram

When we stalked Kayla’s social media, we found out that she is an on-camera host and model currently based in LA. Moreover, she also owns a health and wellness blog, “Strong Is Sexy.”

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The “StrongIsSexy”‘s Instagram profile boasts an impressive over 73,000 followers; however, Kayla Nicole’s personal Instagram account is far ahead in the game. Kayla has over 564,000 followers.

Steelo Brim Previously Dated Conna Walker

Before Steelo Brim found he is more comfortable with black women, he used to date a fashion designer and the CEO of House of CB, Conna Walker.

The British fashion designer and Brim were in a relationship and were engaged even, but their association didn’t last long after the engagement. The former couple broke up after a couple of months.

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