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Tom Hiddleston’s Advice to Simu Liu in 2019 Regarding MCU and All That it Entails!


Being in the MCU now is making yourself known to the entire world, even more so now as large swathes of movies and TV shows from Marvel are now available on Disney Plus. With that comes the attention of the world and something no acting school or past popular show can prepare an actor. So, Tom Hiddleston imparted some advice to Simu Liu of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings about how to handle being a superhero for Marvel.

Tom Hiddleston has a long history of being in the MCU, from his first appearance in Thor to a decade later starring in his own show on Disney Plus. The actor is probably one of the most beloved villains of the franchise and that love for the character has translated beyond the MCU. Tom is now a superstar because of his appearance in the MCU, it is also something he cannot escape no matter where he goes.

Simu Liu on the other hand is just coming into the world of the acting. While he has been acting for a while, the most recognizable role of his career has been in the comedy series Kim’s Convenience. So, the difference in fanbase and stature is going to be evident for the freshman MCU actor. And instead of letting him learn on his own, Tom decided to impart some knowledge and advice as to how best he can handle being in the interconnected Marvel universe.

Tom Hiddleston’s Advice to Simu Liu About the MCU

Simu Liu was introduced to the world during the 2019 San Diego Comic con. Kevin Feige was using the event to introduce everything coming to the Marvel universe in the coming years and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was one of the Phase 4 movies. The Kim’s Convenience actor was brought on stage along with the director of the movie.

It was a special moment for the actor as he would become the first Asian superhero in a major studio Hollywood movie. Culturally the movie has as much significance as Black Panther did in 2018. So, you can say that the whole thing was a big deal for Marvel and Simu was one of the show stoppers at the convention.

Along with the actor there were other Marvel stars present, Avengers and future leaders of the franchise all were at the backstage. In that moment Tom Hiddleston and Simu Liu got talking and the Loki actor imparted some wisdom on the freshman. From dealing with fame to better enjoying the Marvel experience, the backstage crash course was helpful for the actor.

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The actor was talking with Variety when he revealed about the backstage conversation with Tom Hiddleston. The Shang-Chi actor said, “He’s first of all just such a gentle human, the kind of perfect person to kind of just get your head straight. And he was just like, ‘You’ve got to enjoy it, you’ve got to just accept the good with all the other stuff.”

“And just accept the fact that if you go on vacation somewhere to a random island, that people are still gonna know where you’re from. That is how far-reaching and pervasive Marvel movies are.’ And there’s something really beautiful about that, but there’s also, you know… there’s just a different lifestyle that you have to grow very accustomed to,” he continued.

Imagine Samuel L. Jackson of the early 2000s, people shouting the “quarter pounder” at him, now multiply it by Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, plus the Marvel pull. The result is an ungodly amount of attention paid to one actor’s each and every move. Simu Liu needs to get adjusted to that way of life because Marvel fans are everywhere.

Social media followers are good but the constant attention is going to have an effect on almost any one. Tom Hiddleston was teaching the Shang-Chi actor to take the good with all the constant attention and questions by the media and fans. The idea is to enjoy being in a Marvel movie, not feeling as if everything that comes after, as a burden.

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