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Tom Hiddleston’s Advice to Simu Liu in 2019 Regarding MCU and All That it Entails!

Being in the MCU now is making yourself known to the entire world, even more so now as large swathes......

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Loki Episode 4 Twist – Marvel was Nervous About the Timekeeper Revelation!

MCU’s Disney Plus series have managed the rare feat of not looking or feeling like they belong in the same......

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Loki Boss Kate Herron Says It was Crucial to Address Loki’s Sexuality as Bisexual

Loki’s executive producer and director Kate Herron says it was important to her to acknowledge the sexual identity of Tom......

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Loki Actor Tom Hiddleston Reveals The Avengers “Uncertainty” Back in 2011!

Back when Robert Downey Jr. was hired to star in Iron Man, people could never have imagined what the MCU......

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Loki Writer Speaks on the Dynamic Between TVA and Steve Rogers

Loki head writer addresses whether the Time Variance Authority is annoyed by our favorite Captain America aka Steve Rogers when......

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Loki Actor Tom Hiddleston Reveals His MCU Future Beyond the Disney Plus Series!

From the first moment Loki appeared on screen in the first Thor movie, he has been a fan favorite. Furthering......

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New Release Date for Loki on Disney Plus – Season 2 Already in the Works!

God of Mischief, Loki, never does as he is told or rules set out for him. That is why Wednesdays......

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Tom Hiddleston Reveals the Moment He Learned About Loki’s Death in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Loki star Tom Hiddleston discloses the precise moment he learned about his character’s death at the hands of Thanos in......

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New ‘Loki’ Trailer Shows God of Mischief Trying to Right Wrongs

The God of Mischief strives to make things right in the new trailer for the eagerly-awaited Disney+ series Loki. The......

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