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Loki Actor Tom Hiddleston Reveals The Avengers “Uncertainty” Back in 2011!


Back when Robert Downey Jr. was hired to star in Iron Man, people could never have imagined what the MCU has turned into 13 years later. It was not only the audiences who were unaware, Loki star Tom Hiddleston revealed even he was uncertain about the whole idea of the Avengers. It was something never done in a movie and though everything makes sense now, it is interesting to know how shaky the building of the initial foundation was.

Tom Hiddleston is now an icon, he is a superstar who has gone on to star in other projects outside of the MCU. But he will always be the founding members of the Avengers as we know it. So, it is only fitting that the actor get his own show on Disney Plus. Loki is currently streaming on the platform with one cliffhanger after another pulling in the fans. And the new show also means we get Tom talking to he press, revealing some old stories and thoughts.

Loki was first introduced in the hit Marvel movie Thor. Raised in Asgard by Odin, Loki became the trickster god who did not like his brother a lot. By the end of the first Thor movie, Loki‘s animosity reaches fever that leads him to turn into a villain in the first Avengers movie. While the Trickster‘s image has been rehabilitated since the release of the film, the movie’s inception itself is a point of interest for the actor Tom Hiddleston.

Tom Hiddleston Says He was Honored But Uncertainty Surrounded The Avengers’ Fate

In 2008, superhero movies were not as popular as they are now. For every X-Men 2, you had a Daredevil and critics were not so high on the films then. With the MCU, the tide started to shift more and more towards acceptance of the CGI flicks as more than just summer entertainment. Form hardcore fanbase of the San Diego Comic Con crowd to ordinary Joe, MCU was able to capture the imagination of everyone.

But everything we see now was years of hard work by Kevin Feige and the team he selected to lead each projects of the MCU. From casting relatively unknown, in Downey’s case – a nuclear choice, to giving directors with no action experience to helm the projects, it all felt experimental when the MCU was just getting going.

All of that trust and expedience in choosing the right people worked as evidenced by reaction inside Hall H when Tom Hiddleston decided to appear in full costume and playing Loki. While he is now blowing fan’s minds now in 2021 with the Disney Plus series, the actor detailed, it was all up in the air when he arrived to play he now-beloved character in the Avengers.

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“It was an amazing experience because it was the first one, and I think there was a sense with Robert [Downey Jr], Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans that they were kind of almost relieved to share the responsibility for carrying the film. And kind of an uncertainty about whether we could all pull it off,” the actor reminisced to GQ.

After the film came out in the spring of 2012, there was probably no doubt in any mind where the MCU was headed. Their fear at the outset was just the uncertainty of charting undiscovered new horizons. It all seems so obvious now, comic book movies coming together in a team up film is not even that big a deal anymore, and it is all thanks to the Avengers.

From being uncertain, to feeling proud, Tom detailed the journey, “And what I have been amazed by is – because I had a little break from the MCU for a bit while it expanded – the MCU seemed to get braver and the films seemed to get bigger and more ambitious with Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Ant Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy. I was watching from the sidelines and thinking ‘I’m so proud of all these actors and what they’re doing. This is great’. It was really fun to just feel a part of it in some way.”

Now the actor is leading his own show Loki where in the second episode we saw the character act on impulse once again. A new threat has arrived and he needs to figure out who, how and when it is even possible. There are still 4 more episodes to go in the first season, so, better get your Disney Plus subscription straight.

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Last modified: June 19, 2021