Lorde is Opening Up About Billie Eilish - Here's What She Has to Say!

Jun 20, 2021 @ 15:29 GMT+0000
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Lorde is Opening Up About Billie Eilish - Here's What She Has to Say!

Lorde opened up about Billie Eilish during an interview with BBC Radio. The Solar Power singer reckons only a handful of people understand what it's like to feel the way Eilish did.

Lorde has spoken out about Billie Eilish. The Solar Power hitmaker opened up with BBC Radio's Annie Mac. In the interview, Lorde was questioned about the 19-year-old Therefore I Am singer.

Eager to learn if they've ever been in touch, Annie asked:

I see so many parallels between you guys and how you kind of came into the world. And how your careers and private lives were exposed in such a big way when you started. Have you spoken to each other?

Lorde, 24, revealed:

We have sent just a few little messages back in the day when she was very young. She’s so, so sweet. There’s only a handful of people who understand what that’s like, to be a teenager and have that level of scrutiny on your body and your brain.

She added,

Obviously, she’s pretty close with her family, as am I, which I think is really helpful at that age when your world is changing. Yeah, I mean the music is awesome. She’s just doing such a good job.

Billie Eilish recently addressed rumors concerning her personal life.

According to speculations, Your Power is supposedly about former boyfriend Brandon Adams, who was highlighted in the documentary movie The World's a Little Blurry (2021).

Everyone needs to shut up, said Eilish. The documentary was a minuscule bit of their romance, and nobody knows anything about any of this. She really wishes people would pause and look at things instead of always saying stuff.

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