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Loki Episode 4 Twist – Marvel was Nervous About the Timekeeper Revelation!


MCU’s Disney Plus series have managed the rare feat of not looking or feeling like they belong in the same universe. From a world within a world to sprawling space exploration, each new Marvel show has brough its own unique palate. Loki more so, than the other two and the story of the god of mischief has also been full of twists, including a spoiler revelation about the Timekeepers that got Marvel bosses a little nervous.

Loki followed Tom Hiddleston’s character from the MCU as he managed to escape from captivity in 2012 with a little “help” from the Avengers of the future. His time travel escape caused TVA to take notice and they arrive to capture him and most likely kill him as a variant from the “scared timeline.” Through the first 4 episodes we have seen an organization that is not what it seems and our fears came true in the most recent episodes.

As Loki and Sylvie come closer, they start to work together on revealing what TVA truly is, there were some burning questions for the audience. The TVA’s existence, the Timekeepers, how it was possible for both Sylvie and Loki to fall in love. Well, some of the questions were answered and according to the showrunner, a little too soon for Marvel execs comfort.

Eric Martin Discusses That Loki Revelation and Marvel Heads Were A Little Unsure

By the end of episode 3, Loki and Sylvie were still marooned on a dying planet and but their luck changed a little when two portals from the TVA opened and they were arrested for pruning. While Loki has learned a little about TVA and almost all the people working there, but Morbius finds it hard to believe his whole life has been a lie.

The revelation leads to both Loki’s being sanctioned for pruning with Judge Renslayer supervising the event herself in the presence of the Timekeepers. Morbius tries to help but he is soon pruned by Renslayer’s guards for talking in the manner of a variant. Loki and Morbius were becoming friends and the god of mischief took the incident hard.

The moment itself was shocking but what was even more so was when the two variants were taking to meet the Timekeepers. They appear as mighty as mentioned in previous conversations and when Sylvie and Loki fight back and go after the Timekeeper, a startling revelation is laid bare. The Timekeepers are fake, they are just mindless robots who are sitting on the throne for others to do evil deeds in their name.

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It was a massive revelation and for Loki on Disney Plus to make it a little over half way into the first season was a bold move by the team. Writer and Producer Eric Martin said the whole situation made Marvel a little nervous at first. The Timekeeper were built up as these massive beings and that twist probably came a little to soon in their opinion, but they stuck with the makers of the show.

In a long Twitter thread Martin wrote about Episode 4 twist, “We took some HUGE swings this episode. Marvel definitely had some concerns that we were moving too quickly by taking the Timekeepers off the board. But they saw where we were going and trusted us. So…we got to make a total barn burner with this episode.”

But that was not the only show in store for fans of the show. By the end of the fight as Loki is about to profess his feelings to Sylvie, Judge Renslayer prunes him. Tom Hiddleston’s iconic character is killed off…again! As the episode ends, dumbfounding millions around the world, mid credit scene confused people even more.

Loki is not dead (who saw that coming?) he is in some kind of land and there in front of him are a group of people who are there to help. Well, for those still scratching their heads as to who those people are, the answer is, they are all different Lokis. Even more confused now? Okay, don’t worry, with 2 more episodes to go in the critically acclaimed and beloved show, all will be explained…probably.

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