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Doctor Stranger Star’s Delight Starring in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings!


The MCU started out as movies featuring individual characters who came together once in 4 years for a team up movie. But since the second phase that model has not been the case at all as fans expect to see even the new characters to interact with the MCU world at large. So, it was surprising, yet not so much, when Wong showed up in the trailer of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Something Benedict Wong is extremely proud and delighted about.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is the latest addition to the MCU world. The film is coming out this year and will formally kick off Phase 4 movies of the Disney/Marvel series. It is also going to feature the first majority Asian cast show for Marvel including the first Asian lead actor in a major studio superhero movie.

The film follows Shang-Chi as he comes to term with his father’s super villainy and is pulled back into his world to fight a thousand-year-old battle. Starring Kim’s Convenience’s Simu Liu, the film is expected to be as zeitgeist capturing as Black Panther was in 2018. But beyond that, for a general Marvel fan, there will also be inserts and easter eggs all over the place to geek out over, including appearance from Wong.

Benedict Wong Loved Being Part of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Benedict Wong made his first appearance in the MCU when he was cast in Doctor Strange. He played Master of the Mystic Arts, Wong, in the movie and later reprised his role in Infinity War and Endgame. So, when a movie featuring Asian cast was announced under the banner of Marvel, the actor wanted to be part of it.

The actor himself is an accomplished performer in Hollywood with many large-scale productions under his belt. The call from Marvel was another notch in his belt, and the actor brought his comedic talents for Doctor Strange. Playing off Benedict Cumberbatch, the two formed a formidable partnership in the movie and now Wong appears to be branching out on his own.

When the trailer for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings arrived on the internet, fans quickly spotted a MCU character in the background. Wong was seen battling Tim Roth’s Abomination, inside a suspended cage, in what looked to be an underground illegal fighting business. The brief clip made it clear Wong was making an appearance in the movie.

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Benedict Wong later stated that when he heard about the movie, he was bummed about not being able to participate. But then his phone rang and it was from the Marvel people who were inquiring about Wong’s possible involvement in Shang-Chi. The actor said he was delighted, especially being able to appear in the same movie as his idol Tony Leung.

The Doctor Strange actor told SYFY Wire, “When Shang-Chi was happening, I was so pleased that it was happening but I was a little kind of crestfallen I wasn’t a part of it. Then the call [from Marvel Studios] came. And I was like, ‘Yes!’ You know, I’m super thrilled… to be sat at a table of Asian excellence, it was amazing. I’m a big fan of all of those artists. Tony Leung [Chiu-wai] is a massive idol of mine. So, it’s been constant surprises, that’s what [the role of Wong] gives me.”

It is not clear to what extent Benedict is involved in the movie. Considering it is an origin story with a new never before see MCU character being launched, we do not think a lot of screen time will be allotted to side stories. Still, it is nice to see Wong stepping out from Doctor Strange’s shadow and doing his own thing for a while.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is scheduled for a theatre only release on 3 September 2021. The film is directed by Short Term ’12 director Destin Daniel Cretton with Simu Liu starring in the titular role.

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