‘Vanderpump Rules’ – Kristen Doute Wants The Show To Be Canceled

'Vanderpump Rules' - Kristen Doute Wants The Show To Be Canceled

Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute wants to do the new show with her friends.

It’s not been an easy transition for Kristen Doute on Vanderpump Rules. Although she was deeply established in the WeHo coven Witches, she was also dispensable.

However, sleeping with your best mate’s ex-boyfriend on your new boyfriend’s sofa is not the best way to show your devotion. Kristen is never going to be the #1 girl in this gang.

Kristen and Stasi Schroeder were released from Vanderpump Rules. They filed a fabricated police complaint against Jax Taylor, using her as a deviation from Brittany Cartwright.

Kristen Doute was fired from Vanderpump Rules.

Kristen Doute was fired from Vanderpump Rules.
Source: The Blast

While the future of the show is actually with the Bravo executives, the cast has undoubtedly suffered. A show that centers around a restaurant in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic might not be feasible.

Having said that, SUR has resumed for business, which means production could theoretically commence. Now Kristen admits she wishes the show won’t come back at all, since she’s ready to make a TV return.

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Kristen is eager to return to the small screens soon. She calls herself an entertainer and plans to grab another show with her friends. Not exactly sure who’s out there willing to recruit people with no special skills for a mainstream audience, but anything looks possible.

Speaking with HollywoodLife, Kristen shared,

I was acting before the Vanderpump Rules happened.

Hang on a minute! Did she really have an acting career? If so, where? Meanwhile, Kristen clarified she hopes Vanderpump Rules will get another season, but she won’t exactly be shedding tears if it failed to get one.

Kristen said,

I’m so grateful that Vanderpump Rules happened. I hope that they get a next season, but in my heart of hearts I [also] don’t so that we can all do something together…

There’s nothing we’d love to see more than Lala Kent yelling at someone with an infant on her hip for no perceptible reason.

We’re aware the world is holding breath until Stassi returns to TV, waxing lyrical about ranch dressing and her love of all simple racial stuff while weighing the benefits of breast milk against formula.

In the meantime, Kristen has been marketing her latest book and the James Mae clothing collection. If the show doesn’t get picked up again, a lot of VPR alums could find themselves struggling to meet the monthly mortgage. And to pay for the diapers.

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So it’s a good bet that Jax, Brittany, Lala, and Stassi are tugging at some naive network door to pitch a knocked up version of the reality show.

Kristen added,

I loved what we did for almost a decade and I would do it again in a heartbeat

Yeah, of course, there couldn’t be a simpler task than to sip alcohol on camera and receive cheques for taking trips. That’s literally a dream job, right?

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