‘Married At First Sight’ – Here’s the Reason Amani is Wrecking Relationship With Woody

'Married At First Sight' - Here's the Reason Amani is Wrecking Relationship With Woody

Married at First Sight star, Woody shares how deeply he’s in love with Amani after merely 18 days of marriage. Is there a likelihood Amani might be unconsciously ruining their relationship?

MAFS stars Amani and Woody share anything but mutual affection, as the reality star shares she doesn’t love him yet.

The early stages of a marital relationship can display so much, and some people need time to be true to themselves, but is Amani trying to sabotage her relationship?

Is Married At First Sight Star Amani Sabotaging Her Relationship with Woody?

From the beginning, Amani and Woody displayed strong chemistry, prompting people to think they’re going to have a good marriage. Woody, who serves as a tutor and mentor, blends with Amani’s own career aspirations as she serves for a non-profit youth group.

Even though he was born in New Orleans while she was born in North Carolina and grew up in Chicago, both stumbled across each other in the same place, and Woody seemed to be totally swept away by his new wife.

But there are secret incidents in the depths of their dating history that may smell trouble for what they have built. Amani may be held back in her passion for Woody because of her past, even though he’s admitted how deeply she cares about her.

Married At First Sight cast, Woody and Amani.

Married At First Sight cast, Woody and Amani.
Source: US Magazine

Woody asserted his love for a lady he had met only for a brief time, leaving a long-standing question on whether the statement was too soon.

After just 18 days of marriage, Woody admitted to Reality TV World:

I do really feel like I love my wife, man. I love the person that you are, which is crazy to say because I didn’t know you weeks ago, but I’m ready to spill my beans.

Jamie Otis, who’s hosted Married At First Sight: Unfiltered since 2016, dug a little deeper, telling Amani if it was too early to sound like that. Amani reflected:

No, I think that’s his moment. I can’t tell him when he should feel love for me. I’m excited that he’s comfortable enough to share that, and I’m excited to go on that journey with him.

However, she’s not quite ready to say it back. Her co-star, Olivia, joined her on the show and revealed Woody’s display of affection may have been a surprise to him at the minute.

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The reality star theorized:

Maybe, Woody wasn’t anticipating saying that he loves her. But I think that’s a raw, true moment.

There’s another practical question that remains. Could Amani feel the same way anytime soon?

Jamie approached Amani for certain answers, inquiring if she was beginning to fall for Woody at that moment. Amani didn’t seem too willing to recognize any feelings of love for him.

Later on, she said she was “choosing to go with it” with her husband, but she was scared of addressing her romance.

She conceded she’s had a few bumpy relationships in the past, and she isn’t ready to get hurt, nor does she want Woody to fall for someone else. And although she was long aware of Woody being “marriage material,” she revealed she was “stopping” herself from loving him.

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She wishes she’ll be able to get there, hoping she’ll be able to open up to love Woody. But when she replied to Jamie’s question, she said,

Pastor Call has gotten me to realize that you don’t fall into love.

Could Amani be carrying a different perspective on love? It could be discouraging her from taking a gamble and letting herself love Woody.

Amani has little trouble in telling Woody how much she cherishes him and wishes she will tell I love you again, but she will need to resolve her own emotions with commitment before she does.

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