‘Teen Mom 2’ – Did Jenelle Evans Leave Husband David Eason After the Goat Incident?

Sep 25, 2020 @ 18:46 GMT+0000
'Teen Mom 2' - Did Jenelle Evans Leave Husband David Eason After the Goat Incident

Jenelle Evans addresses her husband, David Eason, reportedly killing and eating their pet goat.

Jenelle Evans is rubbishing reports she abandoned her husband, David Eason after he murdered and ate their pet goat.

The followers of the reality star believed she had thrown Eason out of the house when she shared cryptic comments on his Facebook page last week, saying,

So what are you doing with the cat?

The Teen Mom 2 alum told David,

Well, your things are ready to go [and] will be here when you get back.

Evans, however, told The Sun, she and Eason are both pretty much together even after the reported incident, and she didn’t abandon him.

Jenelle Evans had allegedly left her husband David Eason following the pet goat incident.

Jenelle Evans had allegedly left her husband, David Eason, following the pet goat incident.
Source: TMZ

Three days ago, Eason shocked social media, displaying the dead goat’s head in the trash can and boasting about how fine the meat tasted.

If y’all ever wondered what a goat tastes like off the grill, well I’m here to tell you it tastes like chicken, taste just like beef or pork, but it’s real good. This is a ham.

Eason clarified,

People should eat more goat. It’s yum. Just in case people were unaware. It’s Elvis, too — the little baby we had last year. Sorry, I’m talking with my mouth full but that’s what this video’s all about. It’s f—ing delicious.

Eason tried to justify his slaughter of the goat on social media, responding to one commenter:

At about one-year-old, the males are big enough to eat and have really good meat. The females are really only good for milk but they have very rich milk.

Eason told another commenter,

Americans are pansies when it comes to food.

Evans didn’t open up straight away, but the next day she shared a video of herself petting the baby goat of her family, Sweetie Pie, and another goat named Joseph, which some viewers took as a hint against her husband’s behaviors.

Eason carries a history of murdering family pets; as a matter of fact, he was arrested for animal cruelty following the shooting and death of the family dog, Nugget, in May 2019.

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Although Eason justified his actions as a norm in his household, insisting the French bulldog was abusive, Child Protective Services did not allow the couple custody of daughters Ensley, 3, and Maryssa, 13, as well as son Kaiser, 6, to investigate the safety of the household.

A couple of months later, the judge reinstated custody to the pair, who denied multiple claims of misconduct.

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