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Amouranth Accepts Cheating on Mizkif’s Schooled Twitch Stream!!!

Grab all details of Professional cosplayer Amouranth accepts cheating accusations on ‘Mizkif’.

Recently if you been following Kaitlyn Amouranth Siragusa then you might’ve well heard the news about some of the fans accusing her of being a fraud by cheating on the third episode of Mizkif’s OTK Schooled Series.

The streamer and adult model was accused of using cellphones, surfing Quora, and text messages to get the answers. And for those who are unaware of the show, OTK Schooled is one of the unique Twitch series to watch. The show deals with streamers where normally their IQ is being checked asking some general questions until the winner is decided according to their answering points.

Kaitlyn accepts cheating on Mizkif’s show.
Image Source: Twitter (@Amouranth)

So, by now you guys have already gained some ideas of what happened so far. Coming to the scene, Kaitlyn confessed that she cheated on the game, and YouTubers and fans have been going crazy hearing the news.

Though the 27 years old streamer and cosplayer have confessed about cheating on the show, it has also equally left a negative remark to the Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo show. However, he later came with another video addressing the Cheating Drama where he shares that his team knows she was cheating and was laughing at her.

Well, then why didn’t you stop! That also leaves Mizkif the possibility of the show being scripted. Also, there are also rumors of Mizkif might have some fling going on with Only Fans star Amouranth as they are often spotted being together.

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Last modified: May 16, 2021