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Singer Angela Aguilar Boyfriend & Relationship Explored

Angela Aguilar bf

Who is Angela Aguilar’s Boyfriend Gussy Lau, Gussy Lau and Angela Aguilar’s Affair: Couple Confirms New Relationship details inside.

Even though the young singer, Angela, had no intention of making her relationship public, images of her passionate kisses were leaked, and the enigmatic heartthrob became the centre of attention. So who is Angela Aguilar’s boyfriend? Learn more about their relationship.

Angela is a Mexican-American singer-songwriter who was born on October 8, 2003. Her mother was on tour with her father, Pepe Aguilar, when the singer was born in Los Angeles. In 2018, Aguilar rose to prominence after performing “La Llorona” at the 19th Annual Latin Grammy Awards.

Aguilar and her brother, Leonardo, released Nueva Tradición in 2012 when she was only nine years old. It includes four Leonardo songs and four Ngela tunes. The singer sang at the BBC 100 Women festival in Mexico City in 2016. The singer, who was the youngest performer at the age of 13, told BBC News that the music industry was controlled by men and that she hoped that would change.

Primero Soy Mexicana (2018), the 19-year-old’s solo studio album, was hailed with critical acclaim and commercial success. She was nominated for a Grammy Award and two Latin Grammy Awards, making her one of the youngest musicians to get both nominations.

Who is Gussy Lau – Angela Aguilar Boyfriend

Recently, several photographs of Angela Aguilar kissing her boyfriend, Gussy Lau, was released, eliciting a wide range of reactions as many admirers of the singer were impressed by the 15-year age gap between the two and began to examine the composer’s private life.

Gussy Lau was born in Mocorito, Sinaloa, on June 6, 1988; his real name is Luis Abraham Buelna Vea, or so the composer is listed on Spotify; the 33-year-old artist created a playlist on the platform where he collected all of his regional Mexican tunes.

Gussy has written for a variety of musicians, including Christian Nodal, Cuitla Vega, Calibre 50, Ariel Camacho’s Los Plebes del Rancho, Grupo Firme, and La Arrolladora Banda El Limón, as well as the Aguilar family.

Gussy Lau is the composer and is listed on Spotify. 

    Gussy Lau is the composer and is listed on Spotify. Image Source: Instagram

Some reports claimed that Pepe Aguilar, the young woman’s father, would have been furious with Gussy because they had worked together professionally since the photographs were leaked. It should be noted that the famous singer has not officially stated his view on this issue thus far.

There, where they see me and “Se Disguizado” are two songs performed by Ngela Aguilar that her current couple composed. It is possible that they met while reaching deals or signing contracts on these regional Mexican topics.

Let them speak what they say, and “La Quiero equality,” on the other hand, is a Gussy Lau song that Pepe and Leonardo Aguilar have performed. More than 90 songs are included in the Spotify playlist as a part of his career.

Currently, Angela Aguilar’s boyfriend’s Instagram profile remains hidden, since the Sinaloa native has undoubtedly received a lot of unwanted attention from hundreds of people; nonetheless, it can be seen that he has over 60,000 Instagram followers, including Angela Aguilar herself.

The 33-year-old composer was awarded a Latin Grammy for Best Mexican Regional Song in 2019. Christian Nodal’s “No Count on You Bad” was the song that got him this prize from the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Gussy received the same award two years later for the song “Here Below,” which was likewise performed by Christian Nodal; it should be noted that the composer cooperated with Edgar Barrera on both songs.

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When asked about the suitor’s name, the young singer firmly refused to provide it, saying, “I can’t say anything, absolutely nothing.” The young singer made it clear that she preferred to keep her relationship with Gussy private, even though no one knew about it at the time.

Gussy Lau and Angela Aguilar’s Affair: Couple Confirms New Relationship

After a snapshot of composer Gussy Lau appearing unusually close to Angela Aguilar went viral in recent days, questions about the two’s relationship developed.

Following that, and after several Internet users claimed that the 18-year-old girl was having an affair with the musician, who works at Pepe Aguilar’s record label, Equinoccio Records, Gussy Lau confirmed that he had been having an affair with the so-called “princess of the Mexican regional” since February.

The release of the images would have infringed on Angela Aguilar’s privacy since she previously stated that she had no intention of making her romance public, but Gussy was the one who verified the existence of the romance under duress.

Gussy Lau and Angela Aguilar dating

  Images of the couple’s passionate kisses were leaked, and their relationship became the centre of attention.  (Image Source: YouTube)

Even though the young singer, Angela, had no intention of making her relationship public, images of her passionate kisses were leaked, and their relationship became the centre of attention.

“It’s something very basic that’s getting out of hand.” A photo of Angela and me has gone viral. “We’re together, and to keep the story short, we’ve been going out since the middle of February, because a couple of weeks wasn’t a problem at the time, and everything was handled quietly,” he explained.

Gussy Lau and Angela Aguilar are having an affair, according to Angela Aguilar. The mystery surrounding her purported partner persisted until just a few hours ago.

The composer then acknowledged that he was romantically involved with the young performer in the meantime and discussed his views about the Aguilar family in this regard.

Gussy Lau took to Instagram to announce that Chamonic3 would be the administrator of the revealing account. Talk about what happened. The singer admitted during the print that he began dating the interpreter of “There Where They See Me” a few weeks ago.

They’ve been dating since mid-February, according to the 33-year-old, and the relationship is kept covert. Gussy decided to solidify his friendship with the interpreter after the films were out.

The composer then revealed that every member of his and the woman’s families is well aware of their relationship. After images of the artist and a well-known lady were leaked, they revealed and admitted that they were dating.

In these photos, the couple is shown in a very loving setting, which caused quite a commotion. The composer reacted to the age gap scandal by noting that while it takes him 15 years, it wouldn’t bother him in the least. Angela is unconcerned about her age.

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The composer said that he shared photos of her with “close friends,” with the possibility that one of them captured a screenshot. The photos that were leaked caused a flurry of curiosity, especially because the composer admitted that they were taken last week.

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