Freaks You’re One of Us Review – Grounded and Moderately Entertaining

Freaks You're One of Us Review - Grounded and Moderately Entertaining

I have to be honest, the way Freaks You’re One of Us was set up in the trailers and promotional material, the villain of the movie genuinely surprised me. It was amazing that a superhero genre movie could still hold some, probably, expected but also a welcome surprise.

Yes, I contradicted myself there, but that is how Freaks You’re One of Us made me feel. I should’ve seen the film’s villain coming, but the writer of Dark, on Netflix, did a fine job of shifting focus and slowly revealing the antagonist of the movie.

I am going on and on about the villain because the protagonist and antagonist’s relationship makes this movie enjoyable and separates it from the rest of the wannabe superhero flicks.

A Moderately Entertaining Movie with a Good Hero

On an endless quest to find something to watch before sleeping, I scroll through Netflix and almost always end up staying up way past bedtime. But yesterday was a fine day for me, I opened Netflix, and there the movie was, ready to be played.

So, I did, hit the play button, and one hour and 40 minutes later, I was fast asleep. Maybe my enjoyment of the movie was due to the fact that it helped me sleep, don’t know how well that bodes for my opinion of the film, though. Still, I found the film quite charming and a hearty entertainer for people looking for original content to enjoy.

The Winning Formula was Wendy and Elektro Man’s Relationship in Freaks You’re One of Us

The one thing I gravitated towards while watching the movie was the cute relationship that formed between Wendy and Elektro Man. Okay, some spoilers here, so read if you don’t care for it. Elektro Man‘s descent from a troubled man to a psycho killer while fawning for Wendy was a good story progression.

Elektro Man just wanted to be accepted and loved by his parents; instead, his mother ran off, and his father pestered him. For someone going through mental troubles in the first place, the idea of discovering superpowers and then feeling like he is better than everyone else felt like a natural progression.

He is like The Amazing Spiderman 2 villain in terms of power, but unlike Jamie Foxx‘s character in the film, who had a sudden change in character, here Elektro Man gradually descended into his villainous ways.

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The film’s winning formula was definitely the cast; Wendy, played by Cornelia Groschel, was a charming lead. Her time on screen with Elektro Man were some of the best moments of the film. From their first superhero raid together to the inevitable fight, in the end, the story went from friends to almost lovers to sworn enemies.

The movie’s marketing did a good job of hiding the fact that Elektro Man was the villain of the film. Instead, putting up a psychiatrist who is also a secret agent trying to neutralize the ones with power as the main villain in the promotional material.

She had her villainy moments, but Elektro Man was the secret everyone should’ve expected, coming. It is one of the reasons the film moderately entertained me. Come to think of it; I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would.

Also, there is a couple of untied threads out there, which is why it would be interesting to see if a sequel for the film is made. Wendy is definitely on a quest to find others like her before the government of other secret organizations get their hands on them. Free from her shackles, it would make for an interesting second outing for Wendy if Freaks You’re One of Us 2 happens.

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