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Jennifer Aniston Says She’s Lost a Few Friends Due to Their Vaccine Status

Jennifer Aniston Says She's Lost a Few Friends Due to Their Vaccine Status

Jennifer Aniston claims she ‘lost’ some friends because they did not receive the COVID vaccine. She laments the fact that there is still a sizable anti-vaxxer population.

Jennifer Aniston is being more open about her dating life. The Friends starlet, 52, spoke to InStyle about her private life and professional journey, as well as the COVID-19 vaccine.

Jennifer noted throughout the interview that she has had to disconnect from some people in her “weekly routine” due to their vaccine status.

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She revealed,

There’s still a large group of people who are anti-vaxxers or just don’t listen to the facts. It’s a real shame.

Aniston continued,

I’ve just lost a few people in my weekly routine who have refused or did not disclose [whether or not they had been vaccinated], and it was unfortunate.

She added,

I feel it’s your moral and professional obligation to inform since we’re not all podded up and being tested every single day. It’s tricky because everyone is entitled to their own opinion — but a lot of opinions don’t feel based in anything except fear or propaganda.

Jennifer Aniston also tackled an Internet craze involving one of her ex-partners.

If you’re not aware, Jennifer was rumored to have reconciled with ex John Mayer in March after he shared a TikTok with dogs, one of which resembled Jennifer’s pet Lord Chesterfield – not just because they looked similar, but their collars were alike as well.

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Now, the actress is talking out about the internet frenzy to learn more about her dog collar on Deuxmoi.

She told InStyle,

It’s funny you should say that because the collars are so cool. My trainer’s friend makes them—the brand is called RN Design. I’ve received a lot of questions about the dog collars.

She then inquired about the celeb gossip Instagram account, and the interviewer informed her that it features postings like ‘Famous person spotted at a restaurant.’

Jennifer remarked that if she’s seen at dinner, what triggers the query regarding dog collars? That’s what she would like to know.

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Last modified: August 5, 2021