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Mel Gibson Encouraged Britney Spears to Revert to God Following Infamous Breakdown

Mel Gibson Encouraged Britney Spears to Revert to God Following Infamous Breakdown

A former friend says Mel Gibson told Britney Spears to turn to the almighty following an infamous public breakdown in 2007.

Mel Gibson apparently turned up at Britney Spears‘ door in 2008 to convince her that Christianity would rescue her and to revert to God when she was having a public meltdown.

Speaking in a new interview with The Sun, Spears’ ex-best friend, Sean Phillip, opened out about the anguish Britney went through in late 2007, leading up to the public breakdown that has her locked in a dubious conservatorship overseen by her father Jamie.

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According to Phillip, Spears’ ex-trainer and friend, after Spears publicly shaved her head and raged at the paparazzi, a slew of unknown people reached out to the pop singer to offer aid.

Phillip told the publication,

I remember Mel Gibson was one of them, telling her that Christianity would save her and to turn back to God. It was all quite surreal.

Phillip claims that in the months preceding up to her breakup, Spears was physically and mentally drained — and was drugged up by her crew.

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When the pop sensation fainted at Las Vegas’ Pure nightclub on New Year’s Eve 2007, the team attempted to hide it. When she collapsed, management attempted to offer her a presumed amphetamine to get her conscious and functional again, as claimed by Phillip.

Phillips said,

The reality is that she was exhausted. She was being worked to the bone, and was in no fit state to still be performing… The medication she was on was not helping her at all. She was becoming paranoid like I’d never, ever seen her before. (When she) fainted in the club at the party she was hosting… I had to get her out, carrying her over my shoulder with a black suit jacket thrown over her, and stopping people trying to take pictures on their phones.

When Spears returned to her room aided by Phillip, he says:

She was crying hysterically, and so upset. She was saying, ‘Why am I so accessible? Why am I still doing club gigs?’

Phillip, who now specializes in wildlife and conservation, recollected:

That night, management came up and were trying to give her something, in pill form, and I said, ‘No, it’s not happening’. She was just overwhelmed. I begged for them to let her rest.

Britney Spears was taken out of her house tied to a gurney in 2008, after claims of severe partying, drug usage, and erratic behavior, and placed under conservatorship, which has lasted 13 long years.

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Spears stated in open court a couple of weeks ago that her life under guardianship is a living misery.

The singer explained,

Right now, I have an IUD in my body that they won’t let me take out.

She recalled being sedated into obedience, being compelled to work against her will, and having every minute element of her life — such as the choice of her own kitchen cabinetry — imposed by an oppressive father.

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