Nico Mannion’s Viral Sickness Forces Him to Miss the Start of Virtus Season

Sep 8, 2021 @ 7:11 GMT+0000
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Nico Mannion's Viral Sickness to Force Him to Miss the Start of Virtus Season

Nico Mannion’s viral sickness (losing a lot of weight) triggered by intestinal infection during his time in Tokyo at the Summer Olympics will force him to miss the start of Virtus season.

Nico Mannion, an ex-Arizona point guard, is recuperating from an intestinal infection that has stalled his debut with Virtus Bologna in Italy.

Nico Mannion’s Sickness is Alarming Fans After He Lost a Ton of Weight

Nico Mannion departed the Golden State Warriors in August to join Virtus, but he was unable to participate in preseason training due to a stomach illness.

As per Euro Hoops, Virtus head coach Sergio Scariolo said:

Mannion won’t be there at the start of the championship and so we need a player to avoid putting ‘squeezing’ the others.

He added,

We are looking on the market for an element to be included, a point guard who can also remain in the future. Because of that we focus on young people who can give something important, rather than a veteran addition.

There isn’t much information on the player’s sickness. Weight & Skin reports Nico Mannion’s scary weight loss following Intestinal Virus Infection shocked the fans!

As tweeted above, a picture from Virtus’ game a few days ago seemingly shows a significantly underweight Mannion observing warmups courtside.

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