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Project Power Netflix – ‘Limitless’ Like Premise But Nowhere Near the Level of Finesse

Project Power Netflix - 'Limitless' Like Premise But Nowhere Near the Level of Finesse

I am not going to lie; Project Power was one of my most anticipated movies since the trailer came out. Jamie Foxx always brings something to the table with his characters, and before you get on my back about how he plays almost the same character always, here me out.

Jamie Foxx has seen his ups and downs, and there have been a few monotonous characters for the actor over the years. But we know the levels he can reach, for example, Collateral and Ray, we just have not seen him in a taxing role in recent years (hope that will change with the Mike Tyson biopic).

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With Project Power, he plays almost the same character he did in the meh-movie Sleepless. Even the premise is the same except for the superpower thing. Jamie’s character The Major/Art Reilly‘s daughter is kidnapped in a similar fashion in Sleepless (except for gender swap), and the one-night premise is also the same between Sleepless and Project Power.

That being said, Power Project is a whole other thing than the most recent Jamie Foxx action flick. The budget is massive, with over $85 million being spent on the movie. But at the end of the day, I can say this of the majority of the people who have seen the film, the script and the movie itself does not live up to the hype.

Project Power and the Limitless Type Premise it Could Never Live Up To

For those of you who did not have seen Limitless, the Bradley Cooper flick is about a pill that can unlock your brain’s potential for a short period of time. The same premise is used in Project Power, but instead of the pill being able to unlock potential, the chemical reaction unlocks the genetic power of a person for five minutes.

One pill and you will have a superhero-like power based on your genetic mutation. That was the point of the trailer, which got me excited about the movie, but like most Netflix movies, the trailer painted a beautiful picture with an amazing premise but could not build a solid story around it.

While Limitless knew the idea they were playing with, Project Power did not have a clue which angle they were pushing towards. There was a South American cartel subplot, a drug-using cop subplot, a Nazi-like doctor who wanted to evolve the human species, and also, what was the point of Casey Neistat being in the film?

Project Power and Limitless are similar and dissimilar by only execution.Project Power and Limitless are similar and dissimilar by only execution.
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There were so many subplots and forced ridealong with movie-stealer Dominique Fishback that I was just looking for a movie where a father is searching for his super-powered daughter. The main plot was interesting enough to hook me with there being no need for extra candy; still, the middle portion of the movie dragged along.

Limitless was a breeze, you could watch it now, and I can guarantee there won’t be a need for you to pause and stretch out for a while. The tension in Limitless was building from the first shot of film while the same is true for Project Power, the payoff was anti-climactic. Limitless execution made you want more, while I was happy Project Power was over.

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Well, it is just my opinion, but if you are looking for a pill-popping superhero-like movie to pass your time with, then Limitless is perfect. I have watched it 15 times already, and it is still interesting. If father trying to save his superhero child is something you want to watch, then give Midnight Special a try, even Netflix has one of those in Raising Dion. There are many movies and shows like Project Power, but better executed, and beautifully made, so, make your choice.

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Last modified: August 16, 2020