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Who is Ricky Wysocki Girlfriend in 2021? Here’s Everything We Know About Pro Disc Golfer’s Relationship

ricky wysocki girlfriend in 2021 linda mai

Here’s what you should know about Ricky Wysocki girlfriend in 2021. Is the pro disc golfer dating someone? Let’s find out.

Ricky Wysocki is a professional disc golfer. The 27-year-old is a Two-Time World Champion and Innova Disc Golf Star Team. Wysocki, who turned pro in 2010, is widely regarded as one of the best players in the world.

Well, that says a lot about Ricky Wysocki, but you should know that he is the highest PGDA rating and is currently ahead of Paul McBeth.

He slated his name as the only male player to win the two back-to-back PGDA Rookie of the year award in 2011 and 2012. Moreover, he won the PGDA World Championship two times in 2016 and 2017, defeating McBeth both times.

You can see Ricky Wysocki is a man of potentials, and he doesn’t shy away to prove himself. Surely, with success comes fame, and when you are, famous people want to know more about the person.

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As we all know, we are here to know about Rick’s love life; let’s find out if Wysocki has a girlfriend or still single as of 2021.

Who is Ricky Wysocki Girlfriend in 2021?

Well, if you know the 27-year-old disc golf player, you know he is not the kind of person who likes to put everything on the internet about his personal life. Even is a private person, we still managed to found out about his love life.

After searching for a few minutes, we found the pro golfer is, in fact, dating someone in 2021. As seen on his Instagram profile, Ricky Wysocki is dating his girlfriend, Linda Mai.

ricky wysocki girlfriend in 2021 linda mai

Ricky Wysocki is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Linda Mai. Photo Source: Ricky Wysocki, Instagram

The professional golfer didn’t discretely say Linda Mai is his girlfriend, but we came to this conclusion with our best judgment. The alleged couple spent Memorial Day together back in 2020.

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Ricky Wysocki posted a series of picture and videos on his Instagram with his alleged girlfriend, and on the caption, he wrote,

“Happy Memorial Day weekend. I got to spend mine up here in Nor Cal with [Linda Mai]. We had an amazing time on the lake jet skiing, fishing, and boating on Lake Shasta.”

There is No Recent Picture of the Couple

Ricky Wysocki uploaded pictures of him with his girlfriend was back in May 2020. There are no recent pictures on both of their accounts following some of our friends at work concluded that the alleged couple is not together anymore.

Since everything is speculation, even Ricky Wysocki’s relationship with Linda Mai, we thought it was too early to guess that they parted their ways if they were ever in a relationship.

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But our guts say they are definitely dating and still together; if they were not, Ricky would have taken down that picture way before. Since there’s still one picture left of them together, there is still hope they are together.

Who is Ricky Wysocki Girlfriend, Linda Mai?

Not much is known about Ricky Wysocki girlfriend, Linda Mai, but what it seems from her Instagram account, she is an aspiring model. Linda Mai has only some 7900 followers on her Instagram account.

ricky wysocki girlfriend in 2021 linda mai

Ricky Wysocki girlfriend, Linda Mai, is an aspiring model. Photo Source: Linda Mai, Instagram

Well, the numbers are not impressive, but all we can say is, the figures will only increase from this point. She seems to be doing quite well on her own, and it’s only about time; she might be a great model someday.

Linda Mai has a quote on her profile; it reads, “Keep being you, somebody’s gonna feel it.” Well, we feel you, Linda. You go, girl.

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