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Who is Jordan Clarkson Girlfriend in 2021? Here’s What We Know So Far About the Jazz Guard’s Relationship

Jordan Clarkson Girlfriend in 2021 Ally Rossel

Here’s what you should know about Jordan Clarkson girlfriend in 2021. Is the Filipino-American professional basketball player dating someone? Let’s find out.

Jordan Clarkson did it; the Flipino-American professional basketball player broke an epic NBA record. The 28-year-old became the first ever to notch 40+ points with zero assists. The player did it taking more than 15 attempts from downtown.

Jordan Clarkson’s team lost the match; otherwise, it would have been the game of the decade. However, the Jazz guard managed to make history. And during the process, our boy, Jordan, paid an ode to Michael Jordan.

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Jordan certainly broke the NBA record, but with the record, the 28-year-old won many hearts and bagged himself many fans that are having a crush on him. But what about our homeboy, Does the Jazz guard have a girlfriend? Is he dating someone? Let’s find out.

Who is Jordan Clarkson Girlfriend in 2021?

The amazing Filipino-American NBA player Jordan Clarkson is officially off the market. The 28-year-old was in a relationship way before; in fact, he shares a three-year-old daughter from his previous relationship.

It’s evident the Filipino-American NBA player loves his daughter from his social media post. Jordan Clarkson posted a picture of his daughter on her birthday on April 19, 2021. The post was overwhelmed with well-wishes from Jordan’s fans.

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Since we know, Jordan has a daughter, whose Clarkson’s baby mama? Jordan was in a relationship with model Karizma Ramir, but the former couple is not together anymore.

Jordan Clarkson Girlfriend in 2021 Ally Rossel

Jordan Clarkson is in a relationship with his new girlfriend, Ally Rossel, since 2020. The couple seems to be doing quite great in their love life. Photo Source: Ally Rossel, Instagram

Following his split with Karizma Ramir, Jordan Clarkson is dating his new girlfriend, Ally Rossel.

Jordan Clarkson and His Girlfriend Ally Rossel, How Did They Meet?

It’s not clear how the couple met, but Jordan Clarkson and his girlfriend, Ally Rossel, confirmed their relationship back in early 2020. Ally used to date Lonzo Ball, but their relationship did not last for too long.

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Following the split with Ball, Ally Rossel seems to be doing quite great in her new relationship with Jordan Clarkson. The couple is often seen sharing pictures of them together on their social media.

Who is Jordan Clarkson Girlfriend, Ally Rossel?

Well, not much is known about Jordan Clarkson girlfriend, Ally Rossel, but what it seems from social media, she is a big-time online model.

Jordan Clarkson girlfriend boasts an impressive more than 106,000 followers on her Instagram profile. Since we are talking about her Instagram account, recently, the couple took down some of the pictures of them together from their social media.

Only a few pictures are left, after this, fans suspect the couple might have broken up, but we can assure you, Jordan Clarkson and his girlfriend are still together.

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