On March 12, 2021 By Steve Goodman

‘WandaVision’ Producer Explains How Post-Credits Scene Ties Up with ‘Captain Marvel 2’

WandaVision producer Mary Livanos explains how the post-credits scene in WandaVision perfectly sets up the events in the upcoming sequel,...
On January 12, 2021 By Steve Goodman

Marvel Theory – Could Scarlet Witch Be a Villain on ‘WandaVision’ and Beyond?

Elizabeth Olsen addresses social media rumors that claim Scarlet Witch could be a villain on WandaVision. Kevin Feige once declared...
On October 26, 2020 By Steve Goodman

‘Captain Marvel’ Star Brie Larson Wants More Female Superheroes in the MCU

Brie Larson is eager for Marvel Cinematic Universe to introduce more female superheroes. Captain Marvel made history becoming the very...
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