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Walker Bryant Celebrates 14th Birthday with a Fresh 1 Million Look Amidst Indi Star Breakup

Walker Bryant Celebrates 14th Birthday with a Fresh Look Amidst Indi Star Breakup

If you have been following Walker Bryant then you might’ve recently noticed the fresh & sexy look opted by Bryant on his 13th Birthday. Thirteen years has really been tough & fun as it experienced him with a lots of ups and downs

Yes, the ‘I Wrote This for You’ star Walker Bryant had a mixed  – fun, love and emotional filled 13th year. The year offered him with both wonderful and emotional memories.  Starting with the sad part, Walker broke up with his secret admired turned crush Indi Star after five months of crush relationship. By now all the ‘Windi’ fans might already know about it. And coming to the jolly part, Walker reached 1 million followers on Instagram, and also is part of the Vibe Crew LA.

Nevertheless, Bryant doesn’t seem to be affected by the breakup infact turned out to be more handsome with a fresh hairstyle and sexy look. And to celebrate the special day, Bryant threw a massive party for his friends!

Walker Shows Up with New Sexy Look  on 13th Birthday

Walker Bryant shows up with a new hairtsyle

Snippet of Walker from his 14th Birthday Bash.

Image Source: Instagram

Bryant alongside his birthday snap thanked his friends who wished him on his birthday snap writing,

Amazing birthday memories to last a lifetime ?
Many thanks to all my friends who came to celebrate my birthday. This was a party to remember!
Much appreciation to @talariaburbank for hosting.
A huge shoutout to @bucadibeppo for catering. Your food rocks! #carryout #delivery #bucadibeppo
AND thank you to everyone wishing me a happy birthday on IG and YouTube! You have brought me many smiles this weekend and even a few tears! Thank you for all of your support! 

Bryant had a fun-filled party which he celebrated with his Vibe Crew La members and some of his popular social media stars like Lilliana Ketchman, Vibe Crew La, Lexi Soleli Hermandez, GiaNina Paolantonio, Evan Hermandez, Julez Coutinho, Coco Quinn, Txunamy, Declan Chambers, and Ava Kolker.

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We didn’t see any birthday wish from Indi Star however, on the picture shared by Bryant she was present for his birthday party.

Indi Didn’t Wish Bryant on Social Media (Uhh..)

Vibe Crew LA celebrates Walker Bryant Birthday

Vibe Crew LA celebrates Walker Bryant Birthday. Source: Instagram

Being in a same squad even after the split, fans have also been wondering the reason behind Windi split, however, both the former partners are yet to address the exact reason for their split. Indi and Walker both shared a surface reason sharing breakup post on their Instagram.

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However a majority of fans assumes Indi’s the one to end their relation’ship’ as she ahs deleted all the pictures of Walker whereas Bryant has not deleted any of them .

So what do you guys think? What might be the reason behind the split and do you like the hair style of Walker? For more Daily Dose of Tea article visit Still A Bae.


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