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Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Kraven The Hunter in Marvel Solo Effort Coming in 2023!


To Marvel fans Aaron Taylor-Johnson was a one and done star of Avengers: Age of Ultron. As one half of the Maximoff twin, Pietro/Quicksilver has been a plot point in MCU for half a decade now. But the talented actor is not letting the second Avengers movie be his only dip in the Marvel realm. So, in 2023 the actor will be appearing as Kraven the Hunter in a Marvel/Sony movie.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has appeared in many blockbuster movies over the years. He starred in the rebooted Godzilla movie and more recently he played a pivotal role in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. While Quicksilver was a short stint for the actor, it was not the first time he appeared in a comic book movie or played a “superhero.”

The former Avenger actor played the titular Kick-Ass in the beloved hit movie and its sequel. Now coming back to the superhero realm again after over half a decade, the actor is getting his own solo movie and this time as a villain. Kraven the Hunter is a arch nemesis of Spider-Man, so expect to see Venom style origin for the baddie in the Marvel/Sony movie.

Kraven the Hunter – Aaron Taylor Johnson and JC Chandor to the Rescue

In what feels like a long time ago, a Sinister Six movie was in development at Sony. They wanted their own MCU type universe but the negative reception of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 poured cold water on all those plans. Sony allowed Marvel to revive the Spider-Man franchise while they focused on a Miles Morales animated movie and Marvel spinoffs.

At around the same time Venom was announced as a solo movie, coming from Sony, Kraven the Hunter was also introduced as a solo movie. The announcement was made in 2017 and despite the success of the Eddie Brock origin story, the steam on Kraven project cooled off. Up until the point A Most Violent Year director JC Chandor came to the rescue of the project.

After the director got onboard to helm the project Sony got it back on track and now, we have the main character cast and read to go. Aaron Taylor-Johnson will play Kraven the Hunter in the solo movie and everything staying course we might just get a Sinister Six movie after all. Venom is ready for the release of its sequel and now we have a Kraven project up and running with Morbius also getting some talk in the media for a solo outing.

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Whatever the fate of a Sinister Six movie, we are finally getting to see a Kraven movie after four years of delay. Kraven the Hunter has the agility and power of a jungle cat and considering how ridiculous Electro’s intro was in Amazing Spider-Man sequel, something similar would be devastating for Kraven. Still, the comic book villain is the sworn enemy of Spider-Man and also a cause for much grief in the web-crawler’s life.

We are not certain if Spider-Man will be making an appearance in the movie. Considering the first movie is a solo outing and an introduction to the world for the character, we are not expecting Peter Parker to show up. But at the end of the day Kraven the Hunter is nothing without Spider-Man and if the first movie is a success, then maybe we can get a sequel or a crossover between Spider-Man, Venom and Kraven.

While villains and Sony have not always gone hand in hand, maybe they learned something from Spider-Man: Homecoming and how Vulture was handled. The comic characters do not have to be adapted to the screen as they are in the books, modification can sometime better enhance them for the silver screen. So, leotard and hairy chest are not a must for us.

Also, with the added caveat of the deal between Sony and Netflix as well as Sony and Disney Plus, it is going to be exciting to see how Kraven the Hunter is fitted into the larger Marvel Universe. Well, we just have to wait until 13 January 2023 for Aaron Taylor-Johnson and CJ Chandor to wow us with their magic.

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